3 Day Tuna Diet Review: Does It Work for Weight Loss?

3 Day Tuna Diet Review: Does It Work for Weight Loss?

3 Day Tuna Diet Review: Does It Work for Weight Loss?
Do you need to quickly shed 10 or 15 pounds? Maybe you've got a reunion looming on the horizon - maybe your pants are a bit too snug, possibly your slinky black dress isn't...slinky anymore. Ok, you've heard about this fast-acting 3-day tuna diet and it seems to be exactly what you had in mind!

Hold your horses...there are a few things you should know before you leap into the 3-day tuna diet.

True, the 3 day tuna diet has climbed the popularity charts very quickly. As a crash diet, it's one of the hot ones. Why? Most people believe it can't be harmful to your health due to the short amount of time involved.

That couldn't be further from the truth. This, and virtually EVERY crash diet adversely affects your metabolism. What that means bottom line is that you are setting yourself up to gain back all the weight you lost - fast - plus some. Your 10 pound annoyance will rapidly escalate into a 20 pound disaster.

Crash diets all tend to rely on starvation and the 3 day tuna diet is no exception. That's why they're successful at first...and also why they aren't healthy. Your caloric intake is far too low and will force your body into starvation mode within the first day!

It's pretty easy to know when the 3 day tuna diet forces your body into starvation mode. You will start to feel sluggish, it will become increasingly difficult to perform normal daily tasks. Many people report dreaming about food when asleep - AND when awake. You may feel cold and have difficulty keeping warm. All of these are signals that your body - for your protection - has slipped into starvation mode.

The 3 day tuna diet has so few calories, that it is very near to being a VLCD or "very low calorie diet". Any diet that is under 1200 calories per day is considered a "low calorie diet". Below 800 calories per day is considered "very low calorie."

For adults, a "VLCD" is dangerous and should NEVER be attempted without direct supervision of a doctor. Children should never go on a "VLCD" no matter how obese.

The name: 3 day Tuna Diet, gives the appearance that the diet lasts only 3 days. Not so, you are on and off of it for a full month and the foods you are eating are NOT a balanced diet and have no real chance of helping with long term weight loss.

Be wary of the refined carbohydrates that make up such a large portion of the diet. They have minor if any nutritional value and will cause a spike in the production of insulin. Spiking and dropping off of insulin levels not only creates food cravings and energy highs and lows - but can lead to major medical difficulties.

Worse, even if you do manage to stick it out during the 3 days each week, your food cravings will make you gorge and overeat the other four days when you are not on the 3 day tuna diet. As far back as the 1970's, studies have shown that the average dieter will gain back all their weight plus an average of 8 pounds in the weeks just after the diet.

There ARE diets that will work to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF. They focus on eliminating unhealthy foods and habits and replacing them with better ones. You will NEVER be hungry during a properly formulated and executed diet.

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