How to lose weight while on vacation?

How to lose weight while on vacation?

How to lose weight while on vacation?

It’s vacation time again, it’s almost August, although many are already enjoying their vacation since beach season has started more than a month ago. With all these climate changes, going to the beach in June is normal.

Speaking of beaches, I keep seeing ads and campaigns about how to get the perfect beach body, they have started months ago, there are tons of exercises and diet tips that you see all over the internet and on television, that are supposed to help everyone get a flat belly and toned arms and legs. Well, most of these tips and fitness exercises are OK to follow, but what about your diet and fitness plan while you’re literally on vacation?

Summer vacations are usually the time most people (actually, most women) go like “there goes my diet again!” because, let’s face it, you can’t enjoy your vacation time if you can’t even have a lousy ice cream every now and then.

However, there are a few things that I’ve learned that can help prevent weight gain.. in august Some of them I’ve applied myself and some of them I’m gonna apply real soon:

1. Incorporate some exercise in your vacation schedule 

1. Incorporate some exercise in your vacation schedule

Well, it’s easy to just abandon yourself and “take a break from your health“, as webmd puts it, but everyone can incorporate some fitness exercises into their vacation schedule!

One of the things I love to do is walk. I literally walk everywhere, even if I have to walk a few miles at a time. I know walking is healthy and it’s good exercise and that’s why I do it. The only times I don’t walk is when it’s raining cats and dogs and I literally can’t walk, I’d get wet and sick.. but otherwise, it’s music in my years and walking time.

When you’re at the beach, try some volleyball! Or beach soccer or anything that doesn’t involve you staying on a towel. And swim, go in the water and just swim! It’s great exercise, I always swim when I’m at the beach. Sure, I enjoy my time on my inflatable mattress, but I also try to exercise because it’s still me who’s gonna be sorry I didn’t.

Needless to say, if you’re in the mountains somewhere, just park your car somewhere and hike!

2. Pack food and snacks and drinks

2. Pack food and snacks and drinks

When you’re on vacation, whether you’re traveling to your destination or you’re already there and it’s lunch time (or you’re just hungry), it’s easy to get carried away and eat whatever you find. Well, i personally like to make us of my cooler bag. Before you leave (on your trip or before you leave for the beach), pack yourself a sandwich or two, take some fruit with you and always bring plenty of water.

The cooler bag will keep all these fresh and all you have to do is think twice before indulging in unhealthy treats when you know you packed something healthy especially so you won’t risk gaining any unnecessary weight.

3. Be careful when you go out to eat

3. Be careful when you go out to eat

It’s clear that being on vacation will involve eating out a few times! But you can avoid unnecessary calories by simply eating something healthy or avoiding unnecessary ingredients, such as mayo or salad dressing.

Also, a great tip to save your calories is to order water instead of soda. Just think, water has 0 calories, while a glass of soda might have 150-200 calories. Wouldn’t you rather have an ice cream or other dessert instead?

Well, these are my 3 ground rules for whenever I go on vacation somewhere.

They’re actually easy to follow and, honestly, they never fail! This is the second year I have been able to maintain my weight loss and not worry I’m gonna go somewhere and gain everything back! If anything, these tips should help not only to maintain your weight during vacation, but maybe even help you lose some as well!

What are your tips for not gaining weight on vacation?

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