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    airGads has been developed to meet the demand of people looking for the tourist destinations you want to travel to. Our website is designed to provide the best flight bookings reviews and best hotels with a wide range of products that you need on your travel. We choose from the best Amazon sales, so you can find great things to buy and book great prices.

How we work:
    We monitor trends, follow industry news, rub elbows with thought-leaders and keep an eye on new advancements in home, services, and technology to decide what we review and cover on site. we pick apart the data to identify products and services of note. our selections are based on a number of factors, including cost, availability, popularity, etc..

we reach out to manufacturers in search of no-strings-attached samples or products available on loan.  In some instances, when a product sample is not available, we head to the store and shell out the cash to pick it up just like you would, With products in hand, we begin the meticulous review process, which includes using most products just as you would, as well as some standard tests that allow us to compare products in a category.  This ensures we’re able to identify and communicate each product’s strengths and weaknesses in a way that makes sense to you, Often there might not be an 'overall best' product in a category because each has its own strength and weaknesses. In these cases, we work out which one is going to be best 'for most people.

How we make money

We're serious about editorial integrity. We want to make sure you are happy with the product has recommended because we want you to come back next time you need advice.

  we make money when you click a link and buy a product. After a cooling-off period, we’ll be given a small percentage of what you paid in what is called an 'affiliate fee'. That may include traditional advertising.

   To be clear, these methods of monetization in no way affect the review score that a product, service, or company receives. we won’t try to push you towards buying one product over another, We want to make sure you get the right product or service for you.