Foods that increase metabolism and burn fat: How To Eat Them!

Foods that increase metabolism and burn fat: How To Eat Them!

Foods that increase metabolism and burn fat: How To Eat Them!

Imagine this...

You know that vegetables are useful to you and that they are one of the foods that speed up metabolism (we note this as extra energy.)

You've been trying to be good. You eat loads of vegetables at every meal but you still don't have the energy to make it through the day.

By the time you get home from work all you want to do is plant yourself in front of the TV and relax until bedtime.

Then, when the alarm goes off in the morning, you still don't feel rested and you have to literally drag yourself out of bed. The coffee pot is ALWAYS your first destination.

Maybe you just aren't getting the nutrients you thought you were getting. Did you know that a large number of vitamins and minerals are water soluble? Did you care?

When we cook our vegetables - which almost always involves boiling them in water - we are dissolving the vitamins and minerals! They are water soluble. We literally pour them down the drain!

Most vegetables can be eaten raw and whenever the opportunity presents itself, that's the way you should eat them.

The good news is that there are TONS of benefits to doing it that way.

First, your body will get the benefit of all the nutrients! Possibly for the first time EVER! You will likely notice an increase in general well being and energy almost immediately.

Second, raw vegetables just plain taste better.

Third, you save on having to clean up the cooking utensils.

Fourthly, you can take revenge on all your skinny family members! There's nothing more funny than nibbling and chewing a fresh carrot or a crispy leg of celery. Done properly you can disrupt conversations - ruin trains of thought - and generally drive your family nuts! 

Fifth, they provide a lot of good roughage and fiber.

Did I mention they taste better?

Here is your next project... Eat at least one vegetable at every meal, raw.

Be sure to thoroughly clean them before eating. They DO have chemical and pesticide residues. Whenever possible, try to buy organic, it will cut out the pesticides and they're healthier.

Do you take a daily vitamin supplement? If not you should probably start. The average diet does NOT provide all the nutrients our body needs.

Don't skip your vitamins, but as you start to eat healthier and start getting the nutrients you need in your food, you won't so desperately need daily viamins.

(Most vitamins come in pill or capsule form and have a coating on them that doesn't completely dissolve in time anyway. Most of our expensive vitamins are passing right through our systems - but that's fodder for another time.)

Start eating raw vegetables and before you know it, you can also be one of those annoying people who jumps out of bed in the morning full of energy and eager to go!

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