How can I lose weight and save money?

How can I lose weight and save money?

How can I lose weight and save money?

Can losing weight go hand in hand with being frugal?

Can losing weight actually help you save money?

Why, yes!

I didn’t believe it either, to be honest, but after almost 2 years of living a healthier lifestyle, I noticed that eating healthy is actually a lot cheaper than eating fast food, microwave meals or other fast yet unhealthy meal choices.

But to get to the point already, here’s why:

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1. Fa(s)t food vs. lean meat & veggies

1. Fa(s)t food vs. lean meat & veggies

Did you ever notice how a burger at McDonalds is only €1? Well, with these prices, it appears that fast food is not only fast but cheap too! In reality though, you’re probably gonna need more than 1 burger to feel full, right?

Leaving aside the fact that junk food is not at all nutritious, when you compare how much it costs you to buy lunch at a fast food joint and how much it would cost you to cook it at home, you’ll come to realize cooking at home is a lot cheaper.

You don’t have to buy fancy vegetables and expensive meat to make a good, healthy meal at home.

You can get some “normal” vegetables and some fruit to last you for a week for just a few bucks! Compared to fa(s)t food that will cost you a few bucks per meal, I’d say it’s a bargain!

2. You’ll stop buying junk food

2. You’ll stop buying junk food

Probably the most money saved when losing weight are the money you used to buy junk food with. Potato chips, cheese balls, way too much chocolate and bonbons, they all cost a a pretty penny.

Once you stop buying them though, you’ll realize you just saved yourself a lot of money!

I used to buy a few bags of chips each week, so I’ll have something to chew on when watching a good movie. Now, I would much rather use the same money to buy some fruit and make a nice salad to chew on, and throw in some nuts / pistachios / other seeds to have the same crunchy feeling when snacking.

Not only giving up on junk food will save you money, but you can put it to good use too!

3. You’ll definitely eat less when losing weight

3. You’ll definitely eat less when losing weight

This sounds kind of far fetched, but it’s true.

The first few weeks when I began changing my whole lifestyle (a.k.a. eating habits and being more active), I did feel hungry after eating just a simple vegetable salad accompanied by a grilled fish or chicken breast. But, in time, I guarantee you’ll get used to it!

I did. After a short while, I knew when I was full and when I should just stop eating. Once you “train yourself” to eat normal sized portions of food, you’ll definitely eat less than you used to!

Which, in terms of frugality, translates to you saving lots of money. Instead of having seconds, you’ll prefer a glass of water. Instead of eating a plate full of pasta, you’ll only eat half a plate.

These are my top 3 ways to save money while losing weight. Win-win situations, wouldn’t you say so? 

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