Crash diets: Do Crash Diets Work?

Crash diets: Do Crash Diets Work?

Crash diets: Do Crash Diets Work?

Crash diets seem to be the most popular methods people are looking for when wanting to lose weight. Everyone wants to lose it fast and without any effort. And since a crash diet is so easy (in theory), many will look for one. The less calories, the better. Some might even be OK with drinking water all day long, is anyone advised it online!

This is the problem with crash diets, you can indeed lose weight extremely fast if you starve yourself. Really, you can. But what’s the point? You’re gonna gain it all back anyway. And what appalls me most is that we’re used to believe everything we read. Any article saying “experts say “simply must be true! (sarcasm..)

What the media says about crash diets?

What the media says about crash diets?

If you Google “crash diets” right now, you will find many websites talking about the research done on 200 obese people, divided in 2 groups. One group followed a rapid weight loss program (crash dieting) and the other group followed a longer,  gradual weight loss program.

The results of the study show that indeed, the crash diet worked! 81% of the people who starved themselves achieved their target weight fast, while the other group was still struggling.

However, even if the conclusion was that yay! crash dieting was a success!, each and every one of these people put 70% of their weight back in 3 years. So, what the heck was the point of dieting, if they ended up right back where they started?

crash diets

Why don’t crash diets work?

Why don’t crash diets work?

So, what’s the reason why these people gained all the weight back?

Well, according to the NHS website, there were some harmful effects crash dieting has caused. One of these effects was muscle loss.

It only makes sense, if you don’t eat, you won’t have the strength to exercise. If you don’t exercise, you won’t lose any fat, because you’re not burning any calories, you simply are not eating them. Which leads to the inevitable muscle loss.

Another reason why crash diets are not OK is the nutrition factor. Not eating right means your body isn’t getting the needed nutrients it need to be healthy. Trying to lose weight doesn’t mean we should end up in the hospital…

In conclusion

crash diets are a big no-no!

We need energy and proper nutrition to survive. Losing weight does not mean not eating, it simply means eating the right things.

Personally, I have been maintaining my weight for over one year and it’s been working great. I eat right, I exercise and that’s what seems to truly help. I followed crash diets in the past, but as it turned out nothing worked.. making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, that’s what really works!

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