How to Lose Weight Fast in 8 Simple Steps

How to Lose Weight Fast in 8 Simple Steps

How to Lose Weight Fast in 8 Simple Steps
If you have the need to find some quick ways to lose weight but have been unsuccessful, perhaps the ideas in this article can help point you in the right direction.

There are many ways to lose weight and it can be a bit confusing...surgery, dieting, exercising, supplements and medication, or a combination. By checking the different options, you will be able to find the best strategy for you!

When it comes to quick ways to lose weight, the old tried and true standby is diet and exercise. True it tends to be a little slower, but finding a well balanced diet and working out on a daily basis has the best chance for long term success.

Eating right and exercising will help you stay healthy and tone up your muscles. Muscle burns far more calories than fat. Even when you are resting!

Here's a thought you may have never considered, when you drink water (and you should, a lot of it) make it as cold as you can. It's not only refreshing, but it cools down your core and your body needs to burn calories to bring up your temperature.

Another of the quick ways to lose weight is by using dietary supplements. They can work in various ways. Some decrease your appetite while others boost your metabolism and increase the number of calories you burn.

Selecting a combination of supplements may give your body what it needs to shed the pounds. Be careful though, it is easy to mis-use them and put your health at risk. Plus, since they are not doing anything to change your lifestyle, the weight tends to come back as soon as you stop using the supplements. Try combining them with a healthy diet and exercise plan and you have the optimal chances for both immediate and long term success.

As quick ways to lose weight, prescription medicines and surgery require a discussion that is well outside the parameters of this article. Obviously, a doctor needs to be involved in either of them and you should follow their advice.

Of course, before beginning ANY sort of exercise or weight reduction program, you should check with and follow the advice of your doctor. But, having said all of that, before you start taking prescription medicines or consider surgery, get a second opinion. Far too often doctors dispense advice based on their financial needs more than your health concerns.

Surgery aside, if your BMI - body mass index - is over 30, prescription medicines may be the best of the quick ways to lose weight. But, again, keep in mind, the drugs are extremely powerful and should not be used by anyone not truly needing them. They are NOT meant to help you quickly lose a couple pounds. But, if you need them and truly want to make a major change in your life, they can be just "what the doctor ordered."

Check out the various methods. Find one or a combination that will fit your lifestyle and habits, check with a doctor. Do all these things and you will be able to reach your ideal weight - and stay there.

How to Lose Weight Fast in 8 Simple Steps

When it comes time to lose weight, we all want to do it FAST! Here's 8 simple steps to the fastest weight loss diet.

1 - For the fastest weight loss diet - you need to start out doing it one step at a time.

In business, it's an axiom that you cannot improve what you don't monitor. The same is true about your weight. You need to know what and how much you are eating before you can make any improvements. A daily food diary where you list everything you eat will quickly give you the information you need.

Then start cutting back on the bad foods and implementing more healthy foods.

The next item to implement in your fastest weight loss diet is, exercise. Like it or not - and most of us don't - it's necessary. Take it one step at a time too and begin with a simple 10-20 minutes and add in both intensity and duration as you get in better and better shape.

2 - Success in your fastest weight loss diet will boil down to whether or not you can stick with it...so select foods and activities that you enjoy doing.

Check the glycemic index chart and find foods that are a better option than what you are now eating, but that you still like! There's tons of tasty options and any time you can switch one food for a lower ranking one, even if it's only a couple points difference...you are making progress.

Same with exercise...make it fun and engaging, not just repetitious, mind numbing jogging or crunches. Play tennis, wildly dance around the house challenge your kids to see who can dance the craziest. You'll all be breathless and rolling on the floor laughing before long! Just get moving. Grab a friend and play some tennis - do anything. (Just do something!)

3 - To kick your fastest weight loss diet into high gear, build and tone your muscles.

Believe it or not, pound for pound, muscles burn more calories than fat. And, that's what we want! As an added bonus, muscles burn calories even when they are not being used! You can literally burn off pounds while you sleep or watch TV. Work out with weights and not only will you look and feel better, you'll really speed up your metabolism.

4 - Your body needs carbohydrates for energy. They get digested and turned into glucose - which is the "blood sugar" you keep hearing about. But, excess carbohydrates don't get burned, they get stored as fat. So, in your fastest weight loss diet you need to cut back. Substitute foods lower on the glycemic foods index and you will do fine.

5 - One of the biggest problems with people carrying through with their fastest weight loss diet is goal setting. Either they don't set a goal at all, which is a disaster, or they make their goals unrealistic. Either way is a killer. Choose goals you know you can attain and make them measurable by setting deadlines. Set short term AND long term goals.

The size of the goal is less important than your ability to stick with it. Losing 1 pound a week for 50 weeks is far better than losing 10 pounds in 3 days...giving up... and gaining back 25.

br />6 - Success at the fastest weight loss diet isn't rocket science. Give your body a break and cut out the stuff you KNOW is bad for you. Candy, sodas, cookies and so on are full of empty calories that do more harm to your body than you realize. It's beyond the scope of this article, but it's really, really bad. Not just from a weight gain perspective.

The good news is, for most of us, just cutting out the empty calories will cause the pounds to melt away without doing much else at all!

7 - Losing weight on the fastest weight loss diet demands that you eat a good breakfast. Your body will recognize this as having plenty of food and will jump start your metabolism! Without breakfast, your body thinks you're starving and slows down the metabolism making it impossible to keep our weight off.

The earlier in the day you eat your calories, the better. Late night snacks are out.

8 - Mother always yelled at us to clean our plates but for the fastest weight loss diet, you've got to be willing to leave some behind. Take smaller portions. Portion control is difficult at first but gets easier with practice. Control what you put in your body and you will find weight loss (and keeping it off) to be relatively easy.

Start working these tips into your life...one day at a time...and you'll soon realize that it really IS the fastest weight loss diet. Not just because of the weight loss, but because it stays off.

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