What snacks to serve to your guests, ​while losing weight

What snacks to serve to your guests, ​while losing weight

What snacks to serve to your guests, ​while losing weight

Let’s say your friends want to come over. Or, maybe you have friends who even come over unannounced. What do you do? You can’t just share a bowl of carrot sticks while drinking a glass of fizzy water.

This can turn into a real problem if you’re trying to lose weight and thus, cut back on those saltines and beer pretzels. Just because you have friends coming over doesn’t mean you are allowed to cheat on your diet.

Pretzels, saltines, popcorn and so on are not a healthy choice, so why not treat your guests with something healthy instead?

Here are a few tips I thought about, since I was in this very situation a while ago.

What are your guests drinking?

What are your guests drinking?

The first thing one usually does when having guests is ask them what do they want to drink. Well, since you can’t serve your guests with tap water, here are a few tips:

    1- always have bottled water in your home.

Chances are your friends already know you’re on a diet, or maybe they’re on a diet, or maybe they’re just water drinking people. It’s not uncommon for someone to just want a simple glass of water.

    2- put your juicer to good use

Since the only real natural fruit juice is the one you prepare at home, you could make some for your guests too. It’s healthy, it’s fresh and it sure kicks those fizzy drink’s butt.

    3- small beers for everyone

Well, if you think your guests can’t live without that glass of beer, at least get the small ones. It’s clear you’ll all be having some, but instead of the big beer bottles, choose to get those small ones. Less alcohol and less calories.

What snacks to serve your guests?

What snacks to serve your guests?

This is a tricky one, because salty snacks are something so common, it’s almost impossible not to have them in your home. However, I stopped buying them a long time ago, because they were always tempting me to have ‘just one bite’, which turned into more bites, which turned into eating too many saltines!

So, here are some ideas:

    1- olives and small cheese cubes on a toothpick

This combination is quite easy to prepare (it takes less than 5 minutes) and it’s not too “cheesy” 😀 Cheese and olives on a toothpick are a great idea for a salty snack to serve your guests with and, why not, have some yourself.

    2- peanuts, pistachios, nuts

Nuts make a great snack anyway, so why not serve them to your guests, instead of those pretzels or saltines? Nuts are a lot more healthy than all the ingredients they put in all these salty products.

    3- fruit

Fruits are also good to serve as snacks. Of course, don’t offer your guests a whole melon, but cut some fruit into small pieces, stick some toothpicks in some of them and place them on a plate – voilà – a healthy snack everyone can enjoy. Especially kids 

These are only some ideas I’ve put into practice since I prefer to watch my diet and weight and have a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have any other ideas?

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