What is the healthiest but fastest way to lose weight?

What is the healthiest but fastest way to lose weight?

What is the healthiest but fastest way to lose weight?

1. Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

There are many diet plans but most are ineffective or downright dangerous. For healthy ways to lose weight it's important to stay away from the various "fad" diets and products and stick with the basics.

Are you happy with your weight? 

If so, you're in the minority. Few of us are actually happy with the way we look. But, even if we are happy, for health reasons we still may need to take off a few pounds.While in our search for healthy ways to lose weight, we don't have to give up the notion of losing our excess weight quickly. It is possible to find healthy ways to lose weight that are both fast, pleasant and actually work.

The first step in losing weight (and actually sticking to our diets and keeping the weight off once we reach our goals) is to get our head right. Without the proper attitude and motivation, we are doomed to failure. So, the first step in finding healthy ways to lose weight is to decide on WHY we want to lose weight.

Being thin isn't just aesthetically pleasing. In fact, losing weight just to look good is really not a very good reason to diet. True, it may be the reason that prompts most of us to get started...but if you are doing it just to please others; you will have a hard time sticking to the program. Plus you are more likely to fall victim to every "fad" diet that comes along. On top of that, whatever weight you do manage to lose will just come back when you stop your weight loss plan.

The desire to change has to come from within and be aimed solely at making yourself better FOR yourself, not others. If you can achieve this sort of attitude, finding healthy ways to lose weight will be easier and you will be more likely to achieve success.

There are a number of health reasons to consider weight loss that are far more important than aesthetics.

First and most importantly, by being overweight you are placing yourself at risk for a whole host of health problems.The big one is heart disease. Heart disease can lead to a heart attack and death. Or just as bad, could make you an invalid. Being overweight, having high cholesterol or high blood pressure (or a combination of all three) makes your heart have to work extra hard when trying to pump blood to the body. Result...fatigue and heart disease.

The big three, overweight, high cholesterol and high blood pressure will also put you in line for a stroke. A stroke is when oxygen - by way of the blood - cannot reach the brain. Fatty deposits due to cholesterol build up on the arterial walls. If a piece of this plaque breaks off, it could travel to the brain causing a blockage and stroke. Or, it could travel to the heart and cause a heart attack.

Being overweight can also hurt women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Extra weight causes the body's hormones to change which can make it difficult to get the proper nutrients needed to ovulate and carry a child. If they DO manage to get pregnant, they are at risk of miscarriage or causing health problems for the baby.

The fat stereotypes are wrong, but in the real world, they exist. You may find it harder to get a job, or find it impossible to get promoted. Others could be paid more for doing the same work too! You may find that being overweight will make it more difficult (and expensive) to find clothing that fits. Theme parks can and do exclude overweight people from many if not most of the rides. Plus, you could actually be forced to buy an extra seat on an airplane. Forget going to the movies.

Losing excess weight, even if you are one of the lucky few who are happy with their body image, is important and using only healthy ways to lose weight is a valuable decision.

2. Quick Ways To Lose Weight

2. Quick Ways To Lose Weight

Dieting - losing weight - trimming the waistline, whatever you want to call it, if - You Don't Know What You Are Doing Wrong - You Can't Change!

Simply put, anything that can't be measured can't be improved! So to find the most efficient and quick ways to lose weight, you first have to know what caused it.

Losing weight is a step by step process. To get the fastest, healthiest and safest results, we need to start with the absolute basics. We can't change what we're doing wrong and improve on what we're doing right until we know what they are!

When attempting to lose weight, the first, smartest and easiest step you can take is to start keeping a daily food journal. A food journal is basically what it sounds like...a record of your daily food intake. Your journal can be as simple or complex as you wish. You can record lots of details or just keep it clean and basic. But either way, a journal is a terrific way to help yourself stick to your weight loss plan.

Your food journal can record a whole host of valuable information. First, how about listing your daily food intake? Just this simple and basic step can provide you with a lot of unexpected data. It will help you to actually see what you eat on any given day - and you'll start to notice patterns of unhealthy eating that you had never previously considered.

It's our daily habits and patterns that kill us. We do things without even noticing. Once you start writing them down, they come to light and you can take steps to change. That's when you will find the quick ways to lose weight.

Many people find it valuable to record calories, protein, fiber, fat, and other nutrients. Portion sizes could be recorded as well. This is a lot of work, but it is definitely worth the effort. You won't have to do it very long before you start to find HUGE gaping mistakes in what, when, why, how much and the way you eat.

If you decide to go with a diary format, you'll want to record details like - the triggers that make you eat for reasons other than hunger, when and what type of cravings you experience, and your inner feelings about your weight loss program and how it's affecting you every day. There's a ton of options but, bottom line, it's YOUR journal so you should keep it the way YOU want.

Your food journal isn't something you have to worry about anyone else reading. It's not like a traditional diary that you keep by the bed with a lock and key. Face it, reading a list of what you ate that day isn't exactly tabloid fodder.

In the actual creation of your journal, use whatever tools work best for you. You don't need to go out and buy some fancy leather bound journal. (Unless that's what you WANT.) A simple pad of paper and a pencil will work just fine. You could even keep your journal on your computer. Just fire up your word processing program or an Excel type spreadsheet and keep the icon on your desktop for easy access.

You could keep your food journal on a laptop or palm pilot, you could use a voice recorder or slip a notebook into your bag during the day...whatever works best for your lifestyle. The key is to make it something that you will keep up on a daily basis.

Remember, updating your food journal every day and reviewing it at the end of each week is the key to finding those unwanted habits and patterns and keeping track of your progress. For finding quick ways to lose weight, your journal is far more valuable as a weight loss tool than your scale!

When you hit certain weight loss goals, give yourself a big "ATTABOY" or "ATTAGIRL" It may seem hokey, but buy some gold star stickers and award yourself one whenever you reach a goal. (Seems dumb, but try it - those stars can become pretty important to you.)

If you back slide, study your journal and find out what went wrong! It's all there! You can fix your mistakes and move on to the next gold star.

The next time you go to your doctor for a physical, take along your journal. Let them see it and offer any helpful suggestions. They can help to make sure that what you are doing is not only working, but is healthy.

It's a little extra work, but a food journal works wonders for most of the people who keep one. Consider starting yours today- it's the best method for finding quick ways to lose weight!

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