How to Start Running: Jogging Tips for Beginners

How to Start Running: Jogging Tips for Beginners

How to Start Running: Jogging Tips for Beginners

What can be more fun than losing weight while doing something you love?

I wasn’t always a runner myself but I recently came to realize it’s not that bad. I used to think it’s boring, but with the right type of running music in your ears, jogging can turn into something quite pleasant.

I have tried running before, about 2 years ago more or less, but failed miserably. You know how joggers pass you by and they seem to be in a trans, nothing can stop them? Well, it didn’t go that well for me the first time. I think I managed to 3-4  hundred meters (very few) at best. I had no idea running can be that hard and awful, I quit in less than a month.

Jogging doesn’t have to be that hard though. With a few tips that seem to have worked for me, you’ll run your first 5K in no time. I managed to run for 5 straight Kilometers after just a short while. I am now one of those people!

You can be too!

Here’s how:

1. Training indoors is important too

1. Training indoors is important too

Before I decided that I’ll be winner of the next marathon (well, not that it’s impossible, but I’m kidding), I have trained indoors for 2 months. It was winter, I had no choice. I did some strength training, indoor bicycle training and some Tae Bo training.

The indoor sports I chose seemed to have helped me a lot.

Comparing things to 2 years ago, I managed to run 1 whole Kilometer without feeling like I was going to faint. It’s not a lot, but it’s definitely a great start!

2. Alternate light jogging with walking

2. Alternate light jogging with walking

I have read advice online, asked around and even experienced it on myself: if you push yourself to hard, you’ll only get tired really really fast and won’t be able to run anymore!

The idea is to start small. Yeah, you probably will be able to run for more than 2 minutes, but if you push yourself, your lungs will give up. It’s best to alternate things, try running for 1 minute, then walk for 30 seconds, run again for 1 minute, walk again for 30 seconds. The timing is just an example, you’re the one who knows your own limits.

Oh, and if you push yourself too hard, then walk for a little bit, I guarantee you won’t be able to start running again with the same enthusiasm, you’ll only feel fatigued. By start small I mean jog lightly.

3. Dress accordingly

3. Dress accordingly

I may not have Nike shoes on when I go jogging, but I definitely make sure I take my hoodie with. Even if it’s really hot outside, you WILL work out a sweat. A hoodie or a sweater will save you from catching a nasty cold.

I also think it’s best to wear a polyester T-shirt, cotton clothes will just absorb your sweat and you’ll be wet and cold the whole time.

4. Stretching and warming up

4. Stretching and warming up

I see a lot of people stretching their legs and jumping up and down to warm up. It’s a good idea so you won’t injure yourself. However, I always walk to the ‘jogging place’ and when I get there I’m already starting to sweat a little. You can definitely warm up by walking up to the park and not taking your car or if, before you start running, you walk intensely for a few minutes.

5. Make sure you have your favorite music on your player

5. Make sure you have your favorite music on your player

Maybe this is the most important tip of all 

If you don’t enjoy the music you’re listening to, you’ll get bored!

Make sure you have enough ‘juice’ on your player too, you don’t want the battery to die on you all of a sudden.

Well, this is it!

You just have to make room for jogging in your schedule. Some say that jogging in the morning is awesome and healthy, other say it’s better to end your day with a good healthy run. In the end it’s up to you, I personally feel really tired after a good run so it’s clear that I choose to run in the evening.

As a curiosity, my calorie counter watch tells me jogging burns about 300 calories in 30 minutes. More or less, it’s not an exact number every time.

Are you a runner? Would you share your tips for beginners?

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