How can I lose weight for free? Free Weight Loss Plans

How can I lose weight for free? Free Weight Loss Plans

How can I lose weight for free? Free Weight Loss Plans

Many of us, particularly in the United States are constantly struggling with our weight. Perhaps you've tried to lose weight in the past, without much success. In our attempts to take it off and release the svelte bodies that we know are in there under all those jiggling layers of fat, we tend to take some very predictable steps. We may take them in different orders, but the actual steps are very common.

Possibly you've tried cutting back on your calories - but got so sick and tired of weighing and counting everything you soon gave up. Plus, at first we all tend to go overboard and cut back too much and snacking on rice cakes while our friends and families blissfully plow through another pizza (with a side of chicken wings) is pure torture!

So counting calories is a no go.

Next we decide to eat what we want, but work it off at the gym! We join a gym and sign up for the long term contract (because it's cheaper that way) and we go religiously. For about a month. Then motivation lags and life interrupts. We've been weighing ourselves and checking the mirrors ten times a day and haven't seen any changes at all! So we start skipping our workouts. Before you know it, it's been 6 months since you went to the gym, but that money keeps coming out of the checking account, just like clockwork! Money down the drain.

Next, we go to the bookstore. As soon as we walk in the front door, we're assaulted by all the new diet books on the shelves. We decide to buy some of the fad diet books and vow to "stick with it" this time. We soon realize that the diets they're promoting are a bunch of bunk and don't work! Quite probably, they're bad for your health too! Even more money down the drain.

So we are back to the idea of working out, but this time we decide it's better to do it at home rather than drag ourselves all the way to the gym. We figure we can save a lot of time that way, so we buy a bunch of bright shiny exercise equipment. For most of us, it never even makes it out of the box. More money gone.

We originally went into the thought of losing weight with good intentions, but after so many failures and so much wasted money our self confidence is at rock bottom and we vow never to waste any more money. And here we are. Still wanting and needing to lose weight, but shell shocked and gun shy.

I've gotten so frustrated at times that I've resolved to just live with my weight! Who cares? But, then I read an article or see a special on tv talking about all the health issues associated with being overweight. There's diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes - just to name a few. So, I decide AGAIN to give it a shot. But no way am I wasting any more cash! So I start looking for free weight loss plans.

Does the above scenario ring any bells?

If you thought the diet books you bought were garbage, try checking out a few of the free weight loss plans out there.


We all know the basic principals for losing weight: eat right, exercise, and take nutritional supplements. However, once you are expected to actually participate in these activities, many of us find ourselves weak and unable to follow through. I was one of those who just didn't quite meet the standards on my own. Once I joined one of the Weight Loss Programs, however, I was suddenly inspired.

How did it help me?

Simply by knowing that there are others - just like me - going through the same challenges. Knowing there was an ear, ready to listen to my concerns.

Losing weight is an ongoing process. There is no magic pill. By joining one of the formal or even one of the online weight loss programs, you will be more likely to experience success and to develop the lifelong habits that will lead to your weight maintenance.

From free to very expensive, from having food delivered to your door, to showing up in person or just getting an email every day, there are many alternatives available that run the entire gambit of cost. To learn more, visit my site and enroll in my daily "Fast Weight Loss Tips" newsletter.

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