How to Start Losing Weight in Simple Steps, Start losing weight now

How to Start Losing Weight in Simple Steps, Start losing weight now

How to Start Losing Weight in Simple Steps, Start losing weight now

You know what? I can’t even remember how many times I’ve said to myself “I’ll start working out tomorrow” or “today is the 23rd… I’ll just wait for the 1st of next month!”. I can make an entire list of excuses, here they are:

     1- I’ll start tomorrow

     2- I’ll wait until the Holidays are over

     3- My arms feel sore, I’ll skip today

     4- I’ll start on the 1st

     5- I can’t right now, I have to study

     6- I’ll start on Monday

     7- I can’t afford to go to a good gym

     8- I can’t do this by myself but can’t afford a trainer

and that’s not all. Well, you know what happened? I’ll tell you what happened, I gained 22 pounds because of these excuses. That’s right, 22 pounds (10 kilos) in a few months!

If you want to lose weight, you have to start NOW. Start TODAY! There is no tomorrow, tomorrow will shortly become next week, then it’ll be next month and before you know it, you will gain so many pounds it will probably make you want to crawl into a corner and cry. But that won’t solve anything.

You need to realize that health doesn’t wait for you. You have here 6 good reasons to start losing weight today!

You don’t have to start losing weight by working out 4 hours a day, it’s OK if you just start by doing something small, it can be an intense walk home from work, you can go grocery shopping and carry the bags yourself instead of taking the car, you can even dance in the kitchen while you cook, the important thing is to MOVE THE BODY. The more you move your body, the more calories you burn.

Once you get used to these very mild ‘workouts’, you can start by dedicating half an hour a day to work out. And you can’t say you don’t have the time! Half an hour is nothing!

Little by little, you’ll see how you will begin to feel better, you’ll start to boost your endurance and you will WANT to work out more.

What did I do?

How to Start Losing Weight in Simple Steps, Start losing weight now

I started to lose weight on a Friday. Yes, it was a Friday afternoon, I was watching a TV series and I thought to myself, “Dammit! What the hell am I doing sitting in a chair while watching this?” So I just sat my butt on my indoor bike and started to pedal.

I’ve been pedaling for almost half an hour EVERY DAY, I added some DVD exercises (which are really really hard, but I want to look awesome again!) and managed to lose more than 2 pounds in less than a week.

Now that I think about it, I was going to wait for tomorrow, since tomorrow is the 1st of March, but I didn’t and I am so happy I already started doing this.

I eat healthy food, I exercise every day, I feel great! And this is just the beginning.

My advice to everyone: stop making excuses, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! You are just wasting precious time when you’re making excuses. If you want to lose weight and be healthy and look great, START NOW! Make this the first day of the rest of your life!

Are there other solutions?

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