What sports are good for weight loss? the best sport to lose belly fat

What sports are good for weight loss? the best sport to lose belly fat

What sports are good for weight loss? the best sport to lose belly fat
Before I started to exercise and find a routine that works for me, I tried to figure out what sports are the most efficient for weight loss. I have read a ton of articles online, in magazines and even books, but everyone had their own “expert” opinion.

There is no perfect sport to lose weight!

Let me tell you why.

First of all, we are not all alike. While one person might like to work up a good sweat and push themselves to their limits and beyond, another person might like to take a walk and call that exercise. If you belong to either of the two categories above, you sure won’t be comfortable to slip into the other one.

The best example I can give is myself. In order to lose weight for real, I decided to stick to a strict schedule: 2 hours of exercise every day. In order not to cheat, I have to like what I do because if I have to drag my butt to do some mild exercises I don’t even enjoy, I would definitely quit in the blink of an eye.

What sports do YOU like?

What are the sports you know you enjoy?

Do you enjoy a good tennis match? Maybe you like jogging or lifting weights? How about working up a good sweat during a martial arts class?

You should pick a sport you know you enjoy and stick to it.

I remember how excited I was a while back when it was time for me to go to my Kung Fu classes. I would have gone even with high fever and a broken leg!

I had to quit those though so now I had to find something that would replace them. I tried to take up swimming but failed miserably. I don’t enjoy it that much so I don’t really feel like going. Instead, I now found Tae Bo to be quite enjoyable!

You have to find a sport you really enjoy, one that will make you want to go exercise. Try them all if you’re not sure yet 😉 just don’t give up too soon. There are a lot of sports out there you can try!

What sports burn more calories though?

Before I realized that there are only a few activities that would keep me going, I read a lot of information on the net about how many calories you burn by practicing different sports.

You will find a ton of articles that will tell you “the best 5 sport activities for losing weight” or “these sports are the most efficient”. I’ve read them and, like a fool, I believed what was written.

The truth is, none of the information on how much calories a sport burns is exact and let me tell you why:

Every time I exercise I have my trusty little helper, a watch that tracks the calories I burn.

I began spinning a month ago. I’ve read in various places that going 18-20 mph, for about an hour, will burn up to 1000 calories. Yeah, right!

The first times I stepped up on the bike I would go 18 mph, for about 45-50 minutes (it’s a lot harder at first). At that time, I managed to burn about 400 calories. Not even close to 1000!

Now, that I’m better at it, I can go about 22-23 mph (faster), for an entire hour (longer), and barely burn 350 calories.

I have no idea where they come up with these numbers, but they are not even close to what you actually burn during a spinning class.

The point is, if you want to know how many calories you really burn, get yourself a nice watch that does that for you.

There you have it, the answer is simple:

1- there is no perfect sport to lose weight, only the ones you love

2- don’t choose a sport based on what you read or what others say, you’re the one who will practice it so you better choose with your heart

3- once you find something you enjoy, you just found yourself the perfect way to lose weight

Good luck! Have you found yours yet?

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