What are the 3 keys to weight loss? The golden rules of weight loss

What are the 3 keys to weight loss? The golden rules of weight loss

What are the 3 keys to weight loss? The golden rules of weight loss

I have been overweight my entire life. I was always chubby and had horrible nicknames growing up.

The good thing is that I have had real friends who stood up for me so I can’t say I suffered a lot but still, being overweight is not that great.

I also remember how I tried to lose weight but have had no success in the past. I’ve tried magic diets, since everyone speaks so highly of them. Idiots. I’ve tried doing “some” sports, like ‘5 minutes a day for a six pack’ or ‘3 minutes a day for a flat belly’. That’s a load of crap too.

The thing is, losing weight is something serious so when you see something being advertised in an exaggerated enthusiastic mode, you should stay away from it.

What I found out, on my own, is that hen you’re serious about losing weight, there are rules to follow. Logical rules. You can’t eat soup and drink herbal tea for a week, splurge on a pizza on Sunday evening and then go back to your magic soup. That isn’t a golden rule, that’s just killing yourself.

But there are a few rules that can help you a lot in your weight loss process, if you follow them. They aren’t even that strict, they’re just common sense:

1 – You’re in control over what you eat

Food is the reason people get fat. Well, that and the fact that we live sedentary lives now.

You can’t blame society or anyone in particular because you’re overweight. It’s YOU who has to think twice before reaching for that donut or those potato chips.

I think this is the most important rule of all: stop eating junk food and start eating healthy!

Are you in a mood for a snack? Grab a fruit. Want something salty? Eat a handful of pistachios.

There are healthy alternatives to your cravings. Start making a better choice for yourself and for your health.

2 – Don’t cheat

You hear so many “experts” telling you how their diet is amazing, you can even cheat a day a week! Really?

It takes me a whole week to lose about two pounds (that’s 7000 calories). There’s no way in hell I’m going to eat donuts for breakfast, eat pizza at lunch, have a big dessert and then splurge on dinner too… so that I make sure I’m gonna put all the weight back, or worse. Big no, no.

Don’t ever cheat on your diet!

Have a donut, but stop there. Have a piece of chocolate, but don’t eat the entire bar. You can treat yourself to “cheat food” every day if you want to! As long as it’s in minimum quantities, you shouldn’t feel the need to go crazy and ruin everything you worked for.

That’s the rule I follow: I try not to cheat.

I have some chocolate once every few days because I can. It’s not cheating, it’s common sense.

I have also made some home made donuts for my significant other and had one. It’s inhuman to be around them and just drool. But I stopped at the one. Compared to a few months back, when I probably would have eaten half of them, I think it’s pretty good progress!

3 – Stop being comfortable

Are you someone who drives their car just to buy bread?

Do you always use the elevator?

Comfy enough? Great! Now change that!

I do use my car to go shopping… because the supermarket is not accessible by foot.

I do use the elevator… when I have to get to the 20th floor!

I have actually found out that if I go up the stairs, I can get to the 2nd floor faster than the elevator does. Instead of waiting for it, waiting for the doors to open, then to close and then to go up… I prefer to get there on my own 2 feet.

You don’t burn calories when you drive or when you sit on the couch or when you don’t move at all!

If you want to lose weight, stop being so comfortable and get your body moving.

Don’t wait for someone to come home and bring you your newspaper. Go out and get it yourself. Don’t hop into your car to go to the local store around the corner. Walk there and – yes – you can carry 1 bag of groceries with your own hands.

If there’s a chance for you to get a minimum of exercise, take it!

These are the 3 main rules I follow every day and it’s actually working. I eat healthy, I don’t splurge every chance I get and I try to move as much as I can.

What rules do you follow and can recommend?

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