How many times do you read the label of the products you’re buying?

How many times do you read the label of the products you’re buying?

How many times do you read the label of the products you’re buying?

Most of the times I went shopping I didn’t bother to read any of the labels on the products I threw in my shopping cart. If there was a sale and I could buy frozen chicken nuggets for $2 , I always bought a lot of them because they taste good and are easy to cook. That is where we throw our health down the drain.

How many times do you read the label of the products you’re buying? I started doing it and, frankly, most of the labels seem to be written in strange foreign languages. Not to mention how much calories and fat and sugar these precooked foods have.

If there’s one good tip I can share with everyone, it’s this: always read the label!

If you see how much sugar they put in a box of chocolate candies, you’ll probably faint! Or in a can of soda. You like eating biscuits for breakfast? Take a look at the label and see if you want to look for a healthier choice or maybe start baking them yourself.

Reading a product’s label is not something we’re used to do, but it’s not that hard either. You just have to pick the ‘thing’ up and look on the sides for the small table of nutrition values.

If a product doesn’t have that, I usually put it down and look for another similar product. I’m afraid to eat something that might be ‘alien’. If they didn’t bother to put the nutrition facts on the package, they either don’t know it’s required by law or they use weird ingredients you probably don’t want to swallow.

Once you found the table of nutrition values, start reading it. What you need to pay attention to is the difference between “nutrition facts per serving” and “nutrition facts per 3 ounces” or 100 grams. Look for the nutrition values per quantity.

If you look at the values per serving, you might get easily fooled, like I did once. I was looking for some low calorie biscuits and forgot to pay attention to these numbers. I only saw “130 calories” and immediately thought “Wow! Only 130 calories? I can eat a lot of these for breakfast” . I got home and the next morning I opened the big pack of biscuits to find a dozen small packs of biscuits inside.

You see, because I didn’t pay attention to the label, I ended up with biscuits that have almost 400 calories per 100 grams! That’s a lot.

Next time you buy something off a supermarket shelf, look for the nutrition facts on the label and READ them. Maybe you need less sodium in your diet or maybe you get enough sugar from fruit, you can’t afford to add more to your daily intake.

Whether you’re on a diet or not, you should read the labels anyway. It’s best to know what you’re eating rather than have ‘surprises’ later.

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