Food temptations: how to stop food cravings when not hungry?

Food temptations: how to stop food cravings when not hungry?

Food temptations: how to stop food cravings when not hungry?
Here’s something that can really throw off everything you work for so hard: temptations! Sweets, cakes, donuts, pizza… endless list of tempting foods you could eat with your eyes.

I remember that when I decided to start losing some weight, I instantly threw away everything bad that was in my fridge and cupboard. I threw away potato chips, left over pizza, candy and everything else I knew I shouldn’t look at, let alone eat it. Of course, my significant other was a bit upset, he would have happily eaten all that junk, but that’s another story 😀

Well, with that being said and done, I started to buy ONLY healthy foods (and chocolate, but I only eat like 2-3 pieces a week!). My shopping list consists of fruits and vegetables, lean meat, diary products and of course, water (gallons of water…).

Great, now that I no longer look at junk food and go straight to what I know is healthy, I’m sure that if I fill my fridge with good food, I can cook good healthy meals. What can go wrong, right? Well, a lot can go wrong!

1. You’re invited to dinner with friends

This is the worst thing you can do for your diet. Eat a healthy breakfast, a low calorie lunch and then stuff yourself with a pizza or a juicy steak with mashed potatoes for dinner. Horrible thing to yourself.

Going out with friends IS NOT an excuse to eat bad foods. Anytime you go out you can choose to eat healthy, even if everyone else chooses not to. It’s YOUR diet, YOUR health and YOUR hard work to look slim and to turn heads.

The last time I went out with my friends we went to some sort of a restaurant. We were served 5 meals, one at a time, we had as much bread as we wanted, a lot of wine and water on the table and the food was actually OK.

It’s hard not to give into temptations when you see everyone else eating and having a good time but I KNOW how much hard work I put in every day to lose weight so I had a choice to make:

 eat all the food and regret it the next day OR eat a few small bites and enjoy the company of my friends.

You see, even when you go out you can chose to stick more or less to your diet. The most difficult part was to leave three quarters of the desert go to waste but, who cares, I had a good time without eating all that zabaione (I looked it up at home, I would have eaten at least 500 calories just like that)

2. You’re invited to someone’s birthday/party/anniversary etc.

What would you do if you were invited to someone’s birthday party? Think about it, cake all over the place, chocolate creamy cake melting in everyone’s mouth. Not to mention all those cookies laid out on the table.

Seriously, what would you do?

I’ve been tempted with this just a few weeks ago. Ok, I wasn’t invited to a birthday per se, but it just so happened that a colleague of mine had her birthday and brought Tiramisu Cake for everyone to eat.

It was so good! Want to know how I know? I took a teaspoon and had a bite. That’s it, one bite. I congratulated her on both her birthday and her cooking and then I had a piece of gum.

You don’t have to eat a whole piece of cake if you know it’s going to affect your weight loss. You can have one or two bites, it’s not like someone’s going to cut your hands off if you have a bite, just be careful to leave it at that.

3. You’re at a town fair and there’s temptation everywhere

Town fairs can be tricky, you can either pass by the cotton candy, apples dipped in chocolate or whatever else they sell and be ok OR you can eat one piece of everything and kiss your diet good bye.

Every year there’s this international fair right here where I live. A lot of people from a lot of countries come to my small town and COOK. Man, do they cook! From pig roast and sausages to coconut balls (I have no idea what they are called, they are balls made from real coconut) and exotic sweets.

It’s all so tempting! But, then again, so much fat, so many calories, so not worth it!

Personally, when I know that temptations will be all over the place, I prefer to eat at home and then go out. This way I’m already full and won’t crave for everything available at the fair.

In conclusion, temptations are everywhere. You will be tempted to ‘cheat’ everywhere you go, literally. You can be tempted to cheat in your own home, maybe your spouse or relatives want to eat cake once in a while and you can’t tell them to take their cake and leave, right?

Facing temptations is all about YOU. It is you who has to say “NO”, it’s you who knows how hard it is to lose weight and how easy it is to put it back on, it’s you who has to stay strong and not give in.

The only question you need to ask yourself is: are you ready to make that change?

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