What is Winnipeg Canada famous for? Travel Guide

What is Winnipeg Canada famous for? Travel Guide

What is Winnipeg Canada famous for? Travel Guide

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What can you say about a city which is both the cultural, political and economic centre of its region and the official "Slurpee Capital of the World"? Winnipeg is all about variety and lively contradictions. It is packed with stunning architecture, historical monuments, art and beautiful rivers, but none of these assets managed to make it overindulgent or snobbish. Travelers who visit the city can immediately feel its liveliness, oozing from the busy markets, splendid shops and joyful festivals. This Canadian city may be relatively small, but it is unforgettable and has something for anyone.

District National Historic

At the old part of downtown Winnipeg you can tour the Exchange District National Historic Site which one of the city's best tourist attractions. This area has over 100 ancient buildings alongside with art galleries, theatres, boutiques and restaurants. Scout the area by foot or join one of the many organized tours available. Visit the Old Market Square, where many festivals and events take place.

the unique St. Boniface Cathedral

Even if you feel you've had your share of churches and chapels, find the time to see the unique St. Boniface Cathedral. It is in fact an old cathedral that was destroyed at the late 1960s and rebuilt. It incorporates historical and modern concepts and is both an architectural masterpiece and a fascinating cultural asset.

The Forks

The Forks is a famous site of great historical importance located in the junction point between the Assiniboine River and the Red River. Aboriginal people have used the area as a meeting place as far as 6,000 years ago. When colonialism swept over region, the Forks remained a gathering place for workers, traders and immigrants. Nowadays, the Forks Market attracts many tourists who come to enjoy the food vendors, authentic shops, local performing artists and dining places. Also in the area are the Manitoba Children Theatre and a huge skating park. If you arrive at the area around June, you can join the fantastic annual Winnipeg International Children's Festival.

The Winnipeg Art Gallery

The Winnipeg Art Gallery
, known by the initial WAG, is almost 100 years old. The gallery displays over 23,000 pieces and offers a good chance to learn about authentic Canadian art. The variation in WAG is extraordinary with sculptures from the 16th century presented near modern videos and photography. On top of the regular, permanent exhibitions, there are new temporary ones that are replaced every several months.

The city is overflowing with museums, and the chances are you'll have to choose which ones to visit or you'll lose yourself half way through. The Manitoba Children's Museum is an absolute Must and so is The Royal Canadian Mint which is famous for producing all of Canada's coins, as well as many coins of other nations. However, there are many others, and you are welcome to find more information regarding the city's attraction at the official website Winnipeg.ca.