Discover Tourism and travel in Quebec, Canada

Discover Tourism and travel in Quebec, Canada

Discover Tourism and travel in Quebec, Canada

Travel to Quebec and enjoy its Summer Festival, Winter Carnival and many tourist attractions. At airGads.com you can find free information regarding the city's main attractions and book flights, cars and hotels for your Canada trip online.

Quebec is one of the oldest cities in North America and it has a rich history of wars and political turbulences. However, it is much more than a living monument of a great past. It is a fun loving city, where many events and festivals take place, attracting numerous tourists and backpackers from all over the world.

The Old Town of the city is surrounded by an ancient

The Old Town of the city is surrounded by an ancient, fortressed stone wall which was constructed by British and French armies. Nowadays the area is a tourist quarter, offering many small shops and many interesting sites. You can wonder through the area and see the reconstructed and original buildings and structures. Bulging against the city's skyline, the Chateau Frontenac grand hotel is one of the city's symbols and even if you cannot book a room, you can easily admire its remarkable design.

While you're in the neighborhood, take advantage of the Dufferin Terrace, a path that stretches along the cliff, offering a striking view of the Saint Lawrence River.

This citadel is simply a specific area of the Old city's fortification. It is famous for its grandness and for the ceremonies of changing of the guards which offers some fun picture possibilities.

The Abraham Battlefield Park

The Abraham Battlefield Park, Site of the 1759 battle in which GB won Quebec from the French, is a peaceful place which is visited by 4 million tourists every year. It is a good place for sport activities, family walks and sunbathing and is often used for concerts and festivals.

The Montmorency Fall

The Montmorency Falls are an exquisite natural phenomenon. They fall from over 80 meters (275 feet) high over the cliff shore and was into the Saint Lawrence River. Travelers can walk the story-like suspension bridge to get a close and somewhat moist look at the scenery. Another nice option is to take the tram, which makes a great ride and offers a unique sight of the area. If you are lucky enough to each the area at the right part of summer, you may get to see the international firework competition.

The Quebec Winter Carnival usually

The Quebec Winter Carnival usually starts on the first Friday of January and lasts for whole 17 days of fun and festivities. It is a major tourist attraction and an estimated number of a million people take part of it each year. The symbol of the fest is the friendly snowman - Bonhomme and the event's opening and closing ceremonies are huge official celebrations. 

The carnival changes every year but usually includes auctions, parties, sport competitions, outdoor dancing, fun sleigh races and even Dog Agility contests. During this time you can enjoy discounted meals at restaurants and the entire area transforms into one great wintery paradise full of snow slides, snow sculpturing, skiing, ice fishing for kids and many other activities.

If you want to learn more about this beautiful Canadian city, visit Ville.quebec.qc.ca.