KACSOO Portable Blender for Smoothie and Shakes review

KACSOO Portable Blender for Smoothie and Shakes review

It’s a bold move, making your blender cup out of high borosilicate glass when nearly every other manufacturer is employing a less expensive and more traditional plastic material. After all, what’s the purpose of using costlier materials when your rival companies have gotten away with cheaper components?

There are some answers to the present. Number one, the BPA free glass cup is way easier to wash than plastic. Users will find that even dried out smoothie remnants are often cleaned from the surface with ease, little doubt because of the far smoother surface nature of glaze plastic.

Now lots of individuals might tell you that cup is healthier than plastic from a drinking perspective. you may hear about how harmful chemicals can leech from plastics into your drink. This certainly is that the case with cheaper plastics, but it's worth noting that manufacturers became conscious of this beautiful quickly and switches to BPA free plastic containers which are confirmed to be completely safe for human consumption. The second reason we predict this glass is superior is that it would have something to try and do with how delightfully quiet this blender is when it’s on.

KACSOO Portable Blender for Smoothie and Shakes Features :

  • Kacsoo Juice Blender features a dual powered motor.
  • The updated Portable Juice Cup comes with dual lids, perfect for travel
  • Easy to carry without a heavy base that can be used for a picnic, gym, and office
  • Enjoy nutritious juices, shakes or juices anytime, anywhere.
  • Extract 100% vitamins and nutrients, make life healthy
  • The mixer features Smart Security A magnetic safe switch that protects your fingers when cleaning
  • Our personal smoothie mixer features a high quality 4000mAh battery
  • You can mix 2 times of cup juices from others in each charge.
  • You can use one week as soon as shipping
  • Food grade baby food, BPA, FD A, CE, and RoHS certified.
  • Dimensions 13 x 4.8 x 4.6 inches
  • Weight 2.15 pounds
  • One year guarantee, no risk.


1- Pros

  • Made of durable material with no running problems.
  • Dual Lid Portable Mixe
  • The body is glass, not plastic.
  • Perfect for making smoothies
  • Blends faster and more silky smoothies
  • Ice crushes without problem.
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