Enigma restaurant, Barcelona, Spain

Enigma restaurant, Barcelona, Spain

   Enigma Restaurant is by its name and by its nature it is a traditional dining place in order to reserve a place that guests must pay 100 Euros over the internet to receive a secret access code to get inside, when arriving there, there are 7 separate dining rooms waiting for each of them surreal like the one after them. Think of the ever-changing lighting screens, indoor waterfalls, and also very cloud-like ceilings, then there is food. Enigma Restaurant changes daily menus and can have up to 40 or more food-inspired courses around the world that you will enjoy. Leave at least three hours based on the number of dinners on the table for a try. No matter how majestic this restaurant is, it blends Japanese simplicity with ancient science fiction. He will stay with you forever.

    Enigma Restaurant offers an attractive and unique menu with seafood, fish predominance and other fresh seasonal products. Depending on the food restrictions for each visitor, the menu may be different for each table, as well as the number of guests. Enigma does not currently have a menu without vegetarian or seafood or for children as when visitors arrive at the restaurant they discover 40 dishes from the tasting menu that combine influences from all over the world, including Japan, Spain, Korea and Brazil. Diners are advised to move through the 7 lovely dining areas and enjoy. Prices according to the menu to choose in the restaurant, it is not necessary to book in advance.