Ayyie portable blender  Rechargeable review

Ayyie portable blender Rechargeable review

Ayyie portable blender  Rechargeable review

There is by no means an entire lot of knowledge online about AYYIE, the electronics and kit manufacturer that's behind this sleek, powerful, and charming travel blender. It sits right within the middle of the common price range for this kind of blender, and to be honest, it's most of the identical features that you simply might see from one in all the more well-known blender and portable juicer companies. There are however some things that set this particular model aside.

Firstly, they absolutely nailed the ready-to-drink-from blender lid. It screws tightly onto the blender cup, and once you have blended to your required consistency, the highest cap simply flips open, converting the entire unit into something that appears more sort of a fancy cup than a blending unit. While this can be no means a feature that's exclusive to Ayyie, we simply happen to love this lid plenty quite others. The flow is generous and also the latching mechanism is completely reliable.

It looks like most are adding a little exclusive bonus “gifts” to their portable smoothies. Some, just like the Diwenhouse that we checked out above, opt to go together with reusable metal straws. the parents over at Ayyie went instead with a custom-sized smoothie ice template, allowing the user to create ice cubes that are perfectly sized for a smaller blender. It’s one of all those neat little bonuses that may really make a product stand out.

Ayyie portable blender  Rechargeable review

1. Ayyie Personal Blender, Rechargeable Features :

  • Personal mixer made of food PP and BPA-free high borosilicate glass.
  • Made of stainless steel saw blades
  • A rotational speed of 20,000 rpm can easily break down fibers in vegetables.
  • 10-15 cups of juice can be squeezed fully.
  • The portable mixer can be charged by a power bank, car, etc.
  • Its compact size makes it the perfect blender for home, office, or travel.
  • 100% protection from overcharging and overheating of the batteries.
  • USB rechargeable and multifunctional
  • The temperature is below 100 ° C / 212 ° F. Do not use hot liquid
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion 4000 mAh battery
  • Please do not use the mixer when charging or operating without anything.
Ayyie portable blender  Rechargeable review

2. Ayyie Personal Blender, Rechargeable Specifications:

  • Manufacturer Ayyie 
  • High borosilicate glass jar
  • Battery capacity 4000 mAh (support 10-13cups)
  • Rated power 100W; DC 7.4V
  • Power supply Lithium battery USB 5V
  • Blade material 6 stainless steel 304 blades
  • Integrated mechanical safety device.
  • It contains a detachable portable mixer cup
  • Weight 1.7 pounds
  • Dimensions 3.15 * 3.15 * 9.84in
  • In the box, you get 1 * mini mixer, * user manual, 1 * 1 cup cap and * USB cable, 1 and 1 * silicone tray for snow.
Ayyie portable blender  Rechargeable review

Ayyie Personal Blender pros and cons

1- Pros

  • You can charge it in the car while traveling
  • Small mixer with an intimate compact design
  • Provides you with an enjoyable taste experience
  • Easy to use and clean
  • It comes with a small ice cube tray.
  • Washable portable mixer

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