Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss: List of healthy snacks

Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss: List of healthy snacks

Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss: List of healthy snacks
So nice to hear this – healthy snacks for weight loss. There are snacks that will take care of your taste and keep you healthy without adding those extra pounds that you hate so much. There are healthy weight loss snacks that are good for your tummy and they both get along rather well.

Eat as much of them as you desire and you will not hear your tummy complain. Your dreams of a flat tummy do not get disturbed with these snacks which are quite fat-free rich in fiber and low in calories. You can munch on these snacks without pangs of guilt.

1- popcorn:

The most popular healthy snack for weight loss is popcorn.

But when you dig in these you have to ensure that they are not saturated in butter and salt as you get in the theatres.

Make them at home and use olive oil which has mono saturated fats.

2- Almonds and other nuts:

Almonds and other nuts can be taken freely as now doctors are of the considered opinion that, like an apple a day proverb, these almonds and other nuts too can keep doctors away.

Consume them and enjoy them as they are mines of mono saturated fats.

These mono saturated fats are useful for us and they even cleanse arteries.

Almonds and other nuts are tummy fillers and contain Vitamin E, fiber and magnesium.

3- sunflower seeds:

Next in the list of healthy seeds weight loss snacks are sunflower seeds.

These possess same qualities that nuts do.

If you decided to eat them, select the ones without low or no salt.

If at all you take in the salted ones, remember you do so in moderation as they seem to be more taste addictive.

4- Peanut butter:

Peanut butter is also listed in the healthy snack for weight loss list.

This is delicious and can fill you up quickly.

It has some same qualities of nut and a couple of teaspoons can give you loads of protein.

But you have to be careful, as despite the protein aspect, it is considered a high calorie food too.

5- Low-fat yogurt:

Low-fat yogurt too is a healthy snack and can help you fill yourself without adding those excess lbs.

This is surely notably better option than scoops of ice creams which you never seem to know where to stop.

6- smoothies:

This is followed by smoothies who are also considered and believed to be healthy snacks for weight loss.

But if you are restricting your sugar you have to watch out as they are very high in sugar, even though most of it is natural.

So all those who thought that dieting means give up on snacks, here is a list of most delicious snacks that will tempt you to stay on a diet plan for a lifetime

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