Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight: Weight Loss Benefits Of Eating A Healthy Breakfast

Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight: Weight Loss Benefits Of Eating A Healthy Breakfast

Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight: Weight Loss Benefits Of Eating A Healthy Breakfast
The saying goes ‘Eat breakfast like a King, dinner like a prince and supper like a poor man’ and it is correct! According to clinical trials by the American Dietetic Association starting your day with a calorie controlled breakfast can influence your daily weight loss. However despite all these statistics point to the contrary, over 30% of individuals still think that avoiding breakfast can help them to lose weight, when the sad reality is: skipping breakfast can influence weight gain!

A 1994 study for example discovered that children who avoid breakfast are twice as likely to become obese in the future than children who regularly consume breakfast…

How can I prevent this?

Reject the burden to consume less and discover why including a nutritious breakfast into your weight loss plan, can in fact help you to benefit from:

1- Increased energy levels:

a hearty breakfast can easily reignite your metabolism (after your bedtime ‘fast’) and create the speed of your fat burn for the entire day. Without a consistent influx of glucose, your brain cannot work efficiently leaving you feeling tired, grumpy and figidity.

2- Lowered bad cholesterol levels:

trials by UK Nottingham university has discovered: avoiding breakfast can lead to increased cholesterol levels due to poor eating options for the entire day. However, choose to eat a healthy breakfast overflowing in fibre (oatmeal, citrus fruits and strawberries) and you can easily improve your cholesterol levels and keep them under control.

3- Increase weight loss:

a study by the National Weight Control Registry has revealed that over 80% of slimmers who lose thirty pounds or more ingest breakfast every morning.

4- Better work activity:

make the decision to ingest breakfast first thing in the day and you can witness enhanced concentration, increased memory retention and improved problem-solving capabilities.

Of course, each of these benefits only really counts if you can overcome the delights of consuming pastries, fatty meats and dishes that contain high quantities of sugar, saturated fats and calories…

To experience lasting weight loss you must focus on filling a good, hearty cereal where you can easily add bananas, apples, mango, natural yoghurts, skimmed milk and oatmeal into your toppings – essentially all you could need to boost your metabolism.

However, should you find that you struggle to ingest a breakfast every day; the support of a weight loss capsule such as clinically proven fat binder BioFit can help you to escape the risks of bad dietary habits and still lose weight. Proven to bind up to 30% of your dietary fat intake whilst suppressing your cravings, BioFit can help you to lower your calorie consumption by 650 calories a day, limit your fatty cravings and improve your cholesterol levels.

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