Prostate Gland: Enlarged Prostate Symptoms & Treatments

Prostate Gland: Enlarged Prostate Symptoms & Treatments

Prostate Gland: Enlarged Prostate Symptoms & Treatments
In recent years prostate health has attracted increasing attention as millions of men around the world suffer from one form of prostate problem or another and such prostate problems often begin to develop in middle age. For this reason maintaining a healthy prostate should be towards the top of every man's health agenda.

The commonest cancer in the United States today is skin cancer but, to the surprise of many people, prostate cancer runs it a close second. So just what is prostate cancer and is there a prostate cancer cure available?

The human body begins its life as a single cell which then divides repeatedly to form new cells. As cell division continues so the newly created cells, acting as the building blocks of the human body, form into walls of tissue and create the component parts that we recognize as the human body. But this is not the end of the process as, throughout life, our bodies change constantly as old cells wear out and die and other newer cells continue the process of division to replace them.

From time to time however this process of division does not follow the pattern that it should and cells that should die do not and other cells divide incorrectly so that the two cells formed do not carry the correct information for the new cells to function correctly. At the same time this often sets off a chain reaction so that these cells in turn start to divide forming further faulty cells.

In some cases the mass of cells produced, known as a tumor, is quite harmless (benign) while in other cases the cells can be dangerous (malignant) or even life threatening.

This, in simple terms, is the basis of all cancers and, where faulty cell division takes place in the prostate, then the result is prostate cancer.

However, prostate cancer is not always limited to the prostate. Occasionally, faulty cells in the prostate will break away and then be carried through the bloodstream to other areas of the body where they will eventually lodge themselves and continue the process of division and invasion of the new surrounding tissue. Although this cancer is not now restricted to the prostrate it is nonetheless referred to as prostate cancer as this was its point of origin.

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1- Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

Prostate Gland: Enlarged Prostate Symptoms & Treatments

When it comes to men's health one thing which perhaps causes more problems than anything else is the arrival of the signs and symptoms of an enlarged prostate (swollen prostate) and this is one experience which almost all men will go through as prostate enlargement strikes about 90% of men at some point in their lives.

The arrival of enlarged prostate symptoms naturally conjures up a vision of prostate cancer and, while cancer does strike many men, in the vast majority of cases, enlargement of the prostate gland is quite benign and indeed is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Enlargement of the prostate is nothing more than part of the normal ageing process and for many men it becomes nothing more than something of an annoyance which they simply learn to live with. For others however it becomes more than a simple nuisance and does require treatment. In all cases however it is vitally important that you call into your local health center and consult your doctor so that the necessary tests can be carried out.

It the symptoms you are experiencing are the result of an infections (such as a urinary tract infection) then this can often be cleared up quickly and easily with a course of medication. If the problem is simple benign prostatic hyperplasia then your health can be monitored and treatment given if and when both you and your doctor feel that it is necessary. But, most importantly, if the problem is prostatic cancer then you need to catch this early so that it can be quickly and effectively treated before it begins to spread outside of the prostate gland.

As with many diseases it is possible to develop prostate problems without experiencing any real symptoms. However, where enlarged prostate symptoms are present they may well include the following:

     1- Problems urinating.

     2- An inability to urinate at all.

     3- Difficulty controlling urine flow.

     4- Frequent urination.

     5- Frequent visits to the bathroom at night.

     6- A weak flow of urine.

     7- An intermittent flow of urine.

     8- Pain or a burning sensation when urinating.

     9- Problems achieving or maintaining an erection.

     10- The presence of blood in the urine or semen.

     11- Pain in the lower back, upper thigh or hips.

If you are experiencing what you believe to be the symptoms of an enlarged prostate and would prefer not to see your own doctor then you should visit a urologist (a doctor specializing in diseases of the urinary system) at your local hospital.

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2- Enlarged Prostate Treatment

Prostate Gland: Enlarged Prostate Symptoms & Treatments

Before undergoing any form of enlarged prostate treatment it is important to consult your doctor and ensure that you are indeed suffering from a simple and benign case of an enlarged prostate gland and not something more serious.

Having had the condition diagnosed by your doctor your next step is to decide whether or not the problem is bothering you. If it isn’t, then you may feel that enlarged prostate treatment can wait and you will simply live with the problem for the time being and keep an eye on the situation by visiting your doctor for regular check-ups every few months.

However, if you are bothered by the symptoms (or if your doctor considers that there is a risk that you might develop complications) then there are a number of enlarged prostate treatments available.

The first line of treatment for an enlarged prostate will be drug treatment and there are a number of enlarged prostate treatment medications currently in use and others which are under active testing and development. Drug treatment will not normally cure the condition but can certainly provide you with relief from the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. You will have to discuss drug treatment with your doctor, particularly if you are currently taking medication for other conditions. Your doctor will be able to advise you about the likely side effects which enlarged prostate treatment medications carry with them.

If drug treatment is not considered suitable (or if your doctor does not think that such treatment would be effective in your particular case) then the next step is to consider 'minimally invasive' surgery. There are several surgical procedures available today. Some surgical options can even be done on a day-patient basis while others would require a short stay in hospital. In most cases surgery is designed to either shrink the prostate gland or to remove prostate tissue from the area around the urethra to release any constriction on the urethra and restore the flow of urine from the bladder.

Finally, if minimally invasive surgery is not considered a suitable option (or has been tried without success) then enlarged prostate gland treatment will move on to 'full' surgery. Here two frequently performed operations are the TURP and TUIP both of which are often done laparoscopically or using robot technology and require you to stay in hospital for 2 or 3 days. Where TURP and TUIP are not advised, and particularly in cases where the prostate gland is exceptionally enlarged, traditional open surgery may be carried out with hospitalization normally lasting about a week.

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What Is Prostastream™? 

What Is Prostastream™?

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