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BistroMD Weight Loss Meal Delivery:Pros vs Cons

BistroMD Weight Loss Meal Delivery: Pros vs Cons. Select from a variety of chef-prepared options delivered right to your door.BistroMD Review
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BistroMD Weight Loss Meal Delivery:Pros vs Cons

Losing weight or getting rid of obesity can be the hardest goal to achieve in one's life. Millions have tried it over and over again and it's been a great experience, just to either fail or earn what they lost again in a year or less. Due to the difficulty of getting rid of obesity and making the right dietary choices, diet delivery programs are becoming increasingly popular. The convenience of delivering food to the door of the house every day removes the guesswork from dieting and makes it practically impossible to fail. One of the diet delivery programs that has recently increased in popularity after appearing on Dr. Phil's show is the BistroMD Diet Delivery Program.

Is BistroMD a good diet plan?

Bistro MD is a diet delivery system that delivers throughout the United States. It was developed by Dr. Caroline Cedrquist, a board-certified weight management doctor with more than 20 years of experience. Dr. Sedquist grew up in a family that was largely overweight. As she grew up, she made the decision to change her genetic position by following a healthy lifestyle. After intensive work helping patients lose weight as an expert in obesity treatment, Dr. Sedquist built the foundation to create a program that provides the right balance of nutrients to help maintain healthy and balanced weight loss. Dr. Sedquist's goal was to create a program that was more than just getting rid of weight pounds on a large scale. She wanted the program to focus on improving your overall health and created the program based on real science with the idea that food is a drug.

One of the differences between BistroMD and some other diet delivery programs is that it does not promise to lose weight too quickly and does not excessively limit daily calories. This healthy BistroMD diet was created along with a team of registered dietitians to ensure that all foods meet nutritional and health requirements. Each of the programs featured by BistroMD offers 1,100 to 1,400 calories per day with a caloric breakdown of 40-50% lean protein, 20-25% healthy fats and 30-35% complex carbohydrates.

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1. How bistro MD Weight Loss Meal Delivery Plans Work 

1. How bistro MD Weight Loss Meal Delivery Plans Work

The goal of bistro MD is to eat better and healthier food, not necessarily eat less. After choosing between women's and men's plans, you should determine whether you want to receive five or seven days of appetizers and a decision for you. If you choose a 5-day plan, you'll have the option to prepare your own meals two days a week. 

Choosing a seven-day plan means that every meal per week will be a BistroMD meal. It's an option that suits those who want to get rid of guessing from dieting and not rely on having to prepare any meal themselves.

After selecting a five- or seven-day plan, you also have the option to add a snack program. This provides you with an all-in-one plan that will include everything you need to be in the program, without having to do any grocery shopping for snacks or extra meals.

Once you decide the plan, how many days you want to have and whether you want to add a snack program, you can then start customizing the plan to suit your tastes and food orders. You'll reach the member interface by signing in to My BistroMD online and there you can choose your favorite ingredients for your meals. On the member interface, you can also review the approved list of appetizers and make any changes to control your list requests. After selecting your preferred ingredients and making your menu requests, a group of BistroMD dietitians will take the information you provided them and build a daily and weekly menu tailored specifically to you.

Once your order and menu are complete, you can wait for the first week of meal delivery. Each entrée arrives fully cooked and frozen. Appetizers can be stored in the freezer and heated in the microwave once you are ready to enjoy them. All appetizers are served in a recyclable, BPA-free tray.

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2. Bistro MD Online Tools and Support

2. Bistro MD Online Tools and Support

BistroMD features a thorough member interface to assist its customers in every phase of weight loss. Once you have signed up for the food delivery program, you will receive weekly program material that includes the latest tips on weight loss. This includes webinars from BistroMD experts and Dr. Cederquist herself. You also have the option of addressing your questions and concerns with BistroMD’s registered dietitians and a fitness trainer. 

As a member, you can set up online consultations with your own personal Registered Dietitian via email, phone, chat or Skype. In addition, you can also consult with the BistroMD fitness trainer to customize a workout routine that fits into your lifestyle. Lifestyle tips from all of BistroMD’s experts are regularly available to help you stay motivated while on the plan and help you incorporate fitness into your daily routine. Weekly emails, interactive tools, newsletters and the option to interact with registered dietitians are all free perks to being on the Bistro MD program that will help guide you and help you attain your health, weight loss goals.

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3. BistroMD Weight Loss Meal Delivery - Pros vs Cons

3. BistroMD Weight Loss Meal Delivery - Pros vs Cons

While it can certainly make a diet easier to receive meals on your doorstep every week or month, it can be expensive and not always cracked. Some may find this option appropriate for them and others may find it not what you would expect.

#First: Pros 

  • Meals prepared and designed by Dr. Sedquist herself, registered dietitians and gourmet chefs.
  • Appetizers are never frozen and do not contain MSG and are free of trans fats and aspartame.
  • Meals are delivered weekly, not monthly.
  • All appetizers are attractive and none are replaced by bars, shakes or other snacks.
  • If you're allergic to food or are alienated from certain ingredients, you can replace appetizers with any of the other 200 available.
  • A gluten-free plan is now being offered.
  • Registered dietitians and a fitness instructor are available for private consultations online.
  • Meals can be received instead of delivered (saving you approximately $100 per month) if you live in any of the five urban areas of the United States where meal receipts are available.

#second: Cons

  • The cost is much higher than most other meal delivery plans.
  • The shipping cost is high by nearly $100 per month.
  • There are no plans designed for kosher, lactose or soy-free or plant-free diets.
  • Once you sign up for the plan, you'll regularly receive meals every week unless you call Bistro MD and cancel your membership.

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4. bistro MD Certificates - Recommendations

4. bistro MD Certificates - Recommendations

"After the birth of my baby, I thought the weight would drop thanks to breastfeeding. I was wrong and ended up gaining weight instead. Breastfeeding made me feel very hungry and I couldn't control my intense desires. I also didn't have enough time to prepare healthy meals like I did before I became a mother. I heard about Bistro MD on Dr. Phil and decided to try it. I needed a plan that would bring every meal and snack I needed to my door. I also needed healthy and natural food since I was feeding my baby too. Two months after the plan, I lost the baby's weight and regained the confidence I had forgotten I had."

Shannon Ritchie "grew up in an Italian family centred around a delicious family dinner. I have suffered from weight tolerance for most of my life and have decided it is time to make a change when I have children. I saw my whole family give up and accept unhealthy fitness but I refused. I worked more than 50 hours a week and had little time to exercise, so I needed a plan that suited my agenda. I didn't have much time for the gym and I needed to deliver orders to homes where it seemed like I didn't have time. I wanted to avoid going home by car on my way home and getting a healthy meal waiting for me. After researching several meal delivery programs, I decided to choose Bistro MD because of the company's dedication to environmental conservation and its continued effort to provide natural and healthy foods. A month after the plan, I lost 15 pounds. The weight continued until I lost nearly 50 pounds with Bistro MD. "

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