BTFBM Floral Vintage Elastic Dresses

BTFBM Floral Vintage Elastic Dresses

BTFBM Floral Vintage Elastic Dresses

BTFBM was founded in 2011 and is a fashion brand focused on women's clothing. BTFBM's faith in design returns to the beauty of fun fashion. BTFBM pays constant attention to the latest fashion trends, adopts high-quality materials, and continues to improve clothing according to the observations of every dear customer.

The company believes that clothing is not only for everyday needs, but is the best friend of all, shows them a unique charm and a positive attitude towards life, and makes everyone happy, comfortable and confident, and aims to provide urban ladies with high quality and elegant clothes and show the confidence and elegance of our dear customers through the perfect clothes to make every urban lady enjoy fashion and beauty and bring them pleasure and excellent wear experience.

BTFBM long fluffy dress with v-shaped neck opening and flower print. There is no reason to reject this midi dress. The unique neckline, short sleeves and skirt section are tied to the linings. Wear a soft dress flowing longer in the city or on the corniche with comfortable low boots. Breathtaking is very easy: midi dress for all women and girls.

Midi dress with a floral print midi dress black pink midi dress for women. A charming feminine chic dress made of beautifully flowing fabric with a charming floral print, making each dress unique. Dress up a blouse with a ruffled neckline and tie, and a medium elastic waist, ensuring feminine suitability. Fashion shoes or great sneakers are in line with this. The dress is multifaceted for you.

Discover modern things in life, get creative inspiration from things, and provide women with a modern and active lifestyle. Choose BTFBM  and start your modern life.

1. BTFBM Floral Vintage Elastic Dresses - Features :

1. BTFBM Floral Vintage Elastic Dresses - Features :
  • If you are Comfortable, large-breathing women's dresses:
It gives you a great sense of comfort while wearing thanks to the gentle and rubbery quality. It's a gorgeous and perfect dress that basically convinces us of its comfortable materials and uncomplicated story. Thanks to light weight and flowing quality, the fashion element also impresses the wearer across the board
  • Casual dresses for women:
Detailed workmanship with a tie, ruffled collar and a female V-shaped neck opening at the front is the secret to the success of the midi dress. The casual short sleeve section is attached to a small pleat when seamed, which certainly adds a feminine and elegant element to it. He should look so sexy and comfortable.
  • Boho dresses patterned with dangling flowers for women:
It's always stylish with elegant, all-around floral prints that exude romance with an attractive shape that fits the shape with a medium elastic belt thanks to a smoked elastic waist and a swinging skirt section, a carefree comfort is inevitable for a day. The summer dress plays around calves in a modern medium length. She'll also become a wardrobe favorite thanks to her delightfully elegant look.
  • Skillfully ensures a great look on all occasions:
The dress fits all occasions. With this beautiful and exciting design, you may want to see it yourself at every opportunity. The softly swinging flexible dress only needs light cloth shoes or sandals for a full look. Whether you're wearing a biker jacket, sneakers, a stylish handbag and high-heeled shoes, this dress is also a perfect choice. In this soft and comfortable dress, you're really stylish on the go.
  • Flexible materials: 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex

BTFBM Floral Vintage Elastic Dresses

 BTFBM Floral Vintage Elastic Dresses - PROS AND CONS

1- Pros

  • Long, flexible dress with a high folded waist
  • Short sleeve v-neck floral print 
  • Regular flower-printed dresses long vintage with v-neck 
  • This is not too tight in the chest and is loose below the waist.
  • Lightweight dress and attractive elegance.

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