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Thimbleweed Park | Apps on Google Play

    Thimbleweed Park Android game on old and classic aesthetics reminiscent of old games. The game is a haunted hotel, a factory of burning pillows, an abandoned circus, a dead body under the bridge, working on vacuum tubes, toilets. You have never visited a place like this before. An environment that visually disturbs her. The game depends on different puzzles, you have to solve some puzzles to advance more, it is a powerful adventures game and the adventures of the game while walking and simulation and meet different characters throughout the game working to solve all puzzles to advance in the game.

 When I tried Thimbleweed Park it is so fun! I played on the unusual mode and still find the puzzles tough enough to stimulate my mind and have the desire to solve the puzzles with passion.

 I liked the in-game hint feature. I used to laugh out loud, in every part of the game, from story to dialogue to the very, very end of the credits. very smart. You, legit, sad to finish the game. Give yourself one treatment and buy it!