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Nulaxy KM18 Bluetooth FM Transmitter Review by Nulaxy Direct

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   Nulaxy KM18 is one of the best special FM devices, high quality, and high tech, if you have a classic car that will bring a new generation without changing its style or the originality of your car, KM18 has the advantage of saving wiring problems inside your car, through this device you can enjoy music from your phone and player MP3, laptop, tablet, card, and connected devices via the aux cable in your car audio, also provides you with answering calls safely and with one click.

   Provides you with a great feature charging your devices through a secure USB port, it has an LCD screen with an ideal size for displaying music, phone calls, voltage, car battery, etc. Add all these functions with only one device. If you are interested in the product please note that Nulaxy Direct is the only official authorized store for Nulaxy KM18.


1- Pros

  • Best FM special devices
  • High quality and high technology
  • The cost is reasonable FM
  • Multi-use in the car

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