Mikla Restaurant , Istanbul , Turkey

Mikla Restaurant , Istanbul , Turkey

    Mikla restaurant is characterized by one of the best quality views in Turkey, Istanbul, and a view of traditional Turkish paintings, thanks to the Scandinavian Turkish chef Mohammed Görs Brenchild, the restaurant is located on the balcony of the eighteenth floor. The dining area is considered advanced, with a simple elegant and attractive design, in addition to non-traditional discoveries, eye-lighting fixtures, and psychological comfort while eating. You will enjoy a taste of chef dishes from balik ekmek, a traditional fish sandwich, in front of the unimaginable 360-degree views of Istanbul with the Bosphorus strait which reflects the wonderful city lighting.

   The daily changing menu of food focuses on "noble and upscale" Anatolian products, including dried beef with early peas of sugar, in addition to that fried anchovy whiskey paired with crisp white cappadocia, Ezine cheese and Isot chilli are served alongside the original red. Whether you choose the 7-course gastronomy menu or the 3-course à la carte menu, be sure to finish eating the night cup on the top floor of the dazzling Bar The Marmara Pera on the terrace.