Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro Reviews

Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro Reviews

    Beach Copacabana extends approximately 4 kilometers of yellow gold sands stationed along the Rio de Janeiro beach is one of the largest beaches of Brazil, is a wonderful beach of land and sea invaded by tourists along with it, and with the unique locations of distinctive sports activities we find football players who also sing an anthem Their team and play, as well as favela children, show their skills playing football on the sands of the beach, the beach is defined by the Corniche with its black and white woven motifs created by the Roberto Pearl Marx sewing method, while the site adjacent to Forte de Copacabana is the fishermen's colony. There are also more tranquil places in Copacabana Beach. When you turn north, you will head to the Leme Sands. Av Princesa Isabel forms the boundary between the two neighborhoods. Here you will find older Leme residents as well as children from the slums near Chapeu Mangueira and Babilônia, as well as tourists walking on the beach for the 12 months that are wonderful to Copacabana Beach worth a try.
    Beach Copacabana's reputation is global and this made it a busy beach compared to Ipanema beach. It is the most beautiful to enjoy pure water and relax. Enjoy also going to Copacabana after sunset to enjoy the market along the beach extending for kilometers of beach. There are police in the area, the beach lights up at night, but be careful while walking there after dark and stay near the most vital beach stalls when you get out there. Av NS de Copacabana is also superficial - watch out for the weekend as well, when shops are closed and few locals watch out.

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