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Travel pro platinum magna 2 review

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   If you travel a lot. Always looking for the perfect Travel pro Platinum Elite Luggage Bag this is very close to the best choice with an elegant design touch that is striking.

  Travel pro top of the line bag design ensures durability with outstanding travel details, including premium stain-resistant fabric, leather punches, and chrome zippers. This bag is ideal for long trips or for multiple people and helps prevent wrinkles with the plate removal tool.

   The Travel pro case has a charger side pocket and cable for connecting to an external USB port. This helps you at the airport. You can sit down and charge the device without being socked in a bag. It all holds the purchase of the largest chargers. There are two surprisingly deep front pockets. Back pocket - with double zipper, larger. Another zipper is also on the outside. Unzip it and expand the bag on the bottom. There are also leather handles on the top and side which are strong and good looking. At the bottom, there is a "cup" that acts as another handle if necessary.

   The interior contains ties to hold the load through small pockets integrated on the sides, one for toiletries. A mesh pocket that includes the entire interior, all-in-one, whether you're securing a pair of shoes, socks, or underwear, it's pretty big.

   The luxurious interfacing system includes built-in interior pockets for quick access to essentials. The Quadruple Wet Removable Pocket is TSA compliant and ideal for storing toiletries. The leather upper and side carrying handles as well as the bottom handle cup provide comfortable carrying options. Precision Slip-On System, featuring a 360-degree 360-degree magnetic self-steering magnetic steering with an adjustable Power Scope accessory handle with a patented contour grip, engineered to obtain a comfortable and secure grip with soft, rubbery contact points. Limited Warranty with our trusted companion promise covering the cost of repair for damage to airlines or other joint carriers for one year.

- Body dimensions: 19 x 15 x 7.75, overall

- dimensions: 21.75 x 15.75 x 7.75 
- Weight: 7.7 lbs


1- Pros

  • Rolls smooth as silk
  •  Attractive in appearance
  • Plenty of usable space inside
  • Fits great in US airline overheads
  • Well-made and durable bag

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