Restaurant Panama Berlin, Germany

Restaurant Panama Berlin, Germany

 This Panama restaurant is a creation of contemporary Berlin and ideas also inspired by Latin America. The restaurant aims to inspire to see the world from another side through your heart, open your eyes to attractive dishes and discover the Panama restaurant. The restaurant tries to balance the difference in convergence, distance and distance, and elements near and far, where it defines the aesthetics and concept of contemporary and traditional cooking. German cuisine.

   Panama restaurant relies on a strong cooking team to maintain its ranking among restaurants around the world. Sophie Rudolf i is the well-known chef as well as in the bar Joshua Lange, waterman with this cocktail. Enjoy pickled salmon with pumpernickel and chorizo. In addition to fried chicken with cabbage, maple syrup and pepper; Slow meat and Thai basil.In the restaurant the employee is very nice and the food is very tasty, outstanding. Prepared in unconventional ways. This includes a beautiful mixture of flavors with all kinds of spices and herbs. Then, of course, a selection of beautiful wines. There you have your recipe for a perfect night out.