What is teenage fitness? Snack Food, tips.Supplements

What is teenage fitness? Snack Food, tips.Supplements

What is teenage fitness? Snack Food, tips.Supplements

Teenage is one of the most crucial stages in a person’s life, if not the most. This phase serves as the gateway of a child to adulthood. Both the body and the mind undergo several vital and permanent changes which have a lasting impact for the entire life.

Thus, it is very important that a teenager gets the proper kind of nutrition to ensure complete growth. Further, since there is a development of strong will and the creation of a sense of freedom, Teens often tend to eat out a lot or even binge on random unhealthy snacks and high calorie, fatty food which entice the taste bud but serve no other positive purpose.

Parents should keep a tab on what kind of food a teenager is having, especially the snacks. Here are some healthy snack food ideas for Teens to help both the parents as well as the Teens.

1. Healthy and Interesting Snacks for Teens 

1. Healthy and Interesting Snacks for Teens

Here is a list of healthy food which you can serve as snacks to your teenage kid without any worries of it being rejected.

Fruit Salad: Like we all know, fruits are rich sources of minerals, fibres and vitamins. It is ideal to have one or more seasonal fruit every day but many Teens refuse to comply. Making a fruit salad is the best way to get them interested yet not running any nutrient value.

Yoghurt: Try the low-fat variety and add some cottage cheese and berries to it to increase the calcium as well as mineral count and at the same time attract your unruly teenager to something good!

Hummus and Whole Wheat Pita The whole wheat bread is the source of the much needed fibre and the hummus gives the nutrients of the legumes as well as that of the olive oil. It is tasty and filling, thus removing chances of binging.

Baked Chips: The best option when it comes to baked chips is corn. To add an element of interest in it, go for a bean dip.

Popcorn: To make this more filling, add nuts and dried fruits to it. Make or get popcorn without salt.

Soup: Make chicken clear soups and vegetable soups and to make them healthier, add some whole grain crackers to them.

Peanut butter, apples, nuts, soy milk, boiled eggs, cereals, string cheese, bananas, beans- all make for healthy options for snacks. All you need to do to convince your teenager to have them is prepare some interesting combinations to keep the food value alive and yet make them tasty.

2. Simple Steps to Ensure Your Teenage Child’s Fitness

2. Simple Steps to Ensure Your Teenage Child’s Fitness

One of the most delicate times in one’s life, the teens can be troublesome if not handled with care. Also, since this is the entrance into adulthood, problems which are not addressed here can continue to linger for years.

Many illnesses and bad habits have their roots in the childhood and teenage years. Many kids tend to become lazy and adamant during their teens.

Parents need to indulge in delicate handling of situations and reason things out with them. Fitness becomes a concern for a lot of parents with regards to their teenage son or daughter.

Fitness tips for Teens are often suggested by doctors to help parents out when they become clueless about the way to handle their child.

The basic rules of fitness apply to Teens as well- eat good, exercise and sleep well. Here are some easy tips to help out both parents and Teens :

Dieting and Eating: Since there develops a consciousness about the body, teens tend to indulge in extreme diets of either cutting out almost everything from their list or eating almost anything they get their hands on.

Balance is the most important element that needs to be established. While there will always be a tendency to try junk food, it needs to be balanced with fruits, salads, soups and the like.

You can set weekly rules like, if the child has a junk meal, he or she must have light food for the next two days.  

Interesting ways to work out: Teens often find work outs boring. Try to inspire them by going on walks or jogging with them.

Ask them to listen to some music as they walk. If they are joining a gym, see if it is possible for them to go along with a friend. Set them targets in a light-hearted way and help them achieve it by inspiring them. 

Taking adequate rest: Rest is essential for a fit body. Teens  often tend to stay up late and this is one of the most harmful habits that one can indulge in.

Try to make your teenage child grow a habit of going to bed early and waking up early to exercise. A regular exercise routine obviates tiredness and your child will fall asleep. All you need to make sure is that he or she does not oversleep. 

3. Best Workout Supplements for Teens 

3. Best Workout Supplements for Teens

An increasing number of Teens have become aware of the fact that it is important to stay fit and have a strong and well built body. There could be many reasons why a teen is trying to gain weight, lose weight or gain muscle.

In order to achieve any of these goals, a teenager must not only grind himself in workout sessions but also follow a correct eating plan. There are several supplements which are meant for working-out teens but we have picked out some of the best workout supplements for Teens  and they are given as follows:

Workout Supplements for Under 16 year Olds:

Teens who are under 16 years of age should preferably not use any supplements but in case they wish to use them, they must stick to the following ones:

Protein supplements: protein contains amino acids which help in the process of building blocks of muscles. Therefore protein supplements are the safest and the most effective when it comes to working out and building muscle. Protein shakes and protein bars can provide one with the necessary amount of protein needed.

Multivitamins: a good multivitamin can help in gaining muscle in case of a teenager and also promotes good overall health.

Workout Supplements for 16-19 year Olds:

The teens in this category can have the above-mentioned supplements as well as the following given list of supplements:

Creatine: Creatine is a supplement which can help teens build muscle mass. The good thing about this supplement is that it is safe and very effective for almost everybody who is above 16 years of age.

Glutamine: another workout supplement for Teens between 16 and 19 years age bracket is glutamine. This supplement is most abundant in amino acids and improves the recovery process.

This supplement is also helpful in the prevention of muscle wasting. Glutamine is safe to consume year-round.

Anabolic flavones: these are non hormonal flavones which are of two types: methoxy isoflavone and ecdysterone. Both these supplements work wonderfully in the case of Teens who are trying to build muscle mass or gain weight.

They help in increasing protein synthesis and accelerate muscle growth and nitrogen retention as well

Some other supplements for this age group include amino acids and BCAAS, Nitric oxide supplements, ZMA supplements and HMB supplements, etc.

One should always consult a trainer before consuming any of these supplements and should be aware of the quantity restrictions for each.

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