Lose Weight: Easy Diet Plan From Monday To Saturday!

Lose Weight: Easy Diet Plan From Monday To Saturday!

Lose Weight: Easy Diet Plan From Monday To Saturday!

Certainly you must be wondering, what is the best weight loss diet. I mean I sure you realized by now you can get a six pack abs by eating fast food and snacks right? Those foods will bring your metabolism down like nobody’s business! Don’t panic yet, I am not saying that you cant have those food forever, once you have achieved your goal, you can have your favorite fast food or snacks occasionally and WHEN you have those food make sure you cherish it and chew it slowly so that you can really taste the flavor.

Here is the deal; there must be something that triggers you to make that decision to get on a weight loss diet right? You can’t just wake up one morning and say; “ Maybe I will lose some weight today.” It just doesn’t make sense. There must be some motivation, either is to bring your high cholesterol down, increase your fitness level and be healthier because you want to live long enough to see you grandchildren, or lose weight to be able to play sports with your children, to get that girl next door that you admire so much, to get into that beautiful sexy dress that your husband bought you or to gain your confidence and go out and have fun without being paranoid about your weight. There must be something that is so powerful and influential that drives you to make that decision about losing weight, this weight loss diet will help you achieve that!

My point is, when I ask you to eat with the intention of fueling your body with healthy food during the first 6 days of the week, Monday to Saturday and then only Sunday having your favorite food with your loved ones, don’t be disgusted or rebel! This is a practical weight loss diet, not a quick fix. It's for long term. Think back on the motivation that drives you to take action in losing weight in the first place. You might say, “ Come on, don’t give me that crap and just give me the solutions!” Well, this is the main solution!

You have got to have the desire to lose weight and do what it takes for you to achieve that goal!

Now that your mindset is ready, then I can tell you what food you should eat and what to avoid for maximum fat burning in this weight loss diet, because without the strong mindset, you will give up easily. Trust me, have seen my clients getting gung ho at the beginning and fail because they don’t have that strong mind set and give up easily. We trainers can only supply you the tools and the path, you have got to use it and walk it, with a mind set of “It's for myself and no one else! “

The big picture of the weight loss diet

Lose Weight: Easy Diet Plan From Monday To Saturday!

The whole week will break down like this; Monday to Saturday, you will eat 4 –5 meals, healthy meals. They are the good fuel. Just think of yourself as Lamborghini Diablo, would you put as a super unleaded fuel or cheap leaded fuel that will make the car go slower and destroy it sooner or later? I think we all know the answer, If you answer leaded, give me an email, I want all your money cause you don’t care about a Lamborghini Diablo! Then comes the fun day, the Sunday! On Sunday you can have a controlled off day that is included in this weight loss diet, I meant control as in do not over eat until you cant walk! You can have your ice cream or your favorite pizza while watching football. Not happy enough? Well, this I just for 1 month. After one month, you see the results; I am sure you are going to continue my method until you get to your goals and maybe use it as a lifestyle.

Monday to Saturday Weight Loss Diet

Lose Weight: Easy Diet Plan From Monday To Saturday!

The goal is to eat 4-5 small meals; the fifth is a small snack just in case you need it if your hunger is giving you difficulty to sleep. 4 to 5 meals a day! Omigosh! Don’t panic yet, these are small meals and you need them to keep your turbo engine running, keep that metabolism on fire. You need fuel to keep that fire burning right? This method keeps your blood sugar elevated and also keeps the insulin under control.

You will feel energetic all day! Some people will advice you to calculate calories, that’s all good but it is difficult if you on a go and you are at a restaurant that serves a mix of food, that is very hard to calculate because we don’t know what exactly what is inside the mixture of food.

On this weight loss diet, I am going to use a more practical approach here. For carbohydrates, use your fist for estimation.

For example, how much of brown rice should I eat? Use your fist and that’s the amount. For protein, use your palm, like a palm of steak or chicken breast. Eat as much vegetable as you want but be careful on how the veggie is been cooked, drain out the gravy and oil from the vegetables. Use a teaspoon to measure the amount of oil to use and for cheese, the size would be the size of a thumb. Others use sparingly.

This is the size of meal that you should be eating on each meal, by the end of the meal; you would not feel hungry, full but not super full. Drink 1 or 2 glasses of plain water to fill your stomach up and then wait. You will feel full later. For more effective results, drink a hot cup of coffee or tea after you meal. It you satisfy you.

Sunday! Yahoo!

Lose Weight: Easy Diet Plan From Monday To Saturday!

The cheat day is here and you can eat all the cheat foods that you desire and still lose weight. On the Sunday, you can have your favorite meals with your family and friends. Make sure you cherish and really enjoy the food that you eat on this day. Take this day very seriously and important. One, because it is with the people you love and with the food you all enjoy.

Secondly, you have successfully completed one week of your 3 months plan. You should celebrate. Get your mind off dieting and when Monday comes you will raring to go. Your tongue and sanity is satisfied and your body remains lean and mean! This weight loss diet has been keeping me fit until now. Believe in it and take action!

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