TRUSTECH Portable Countertop Semi Auto Cleaning

TRUSTECH Portable Countertop Semi Auto Cleaning

TRUSTECH Portable Countertop Semi Auto Cleaning

TRUSTECH's icemaker features a bright black color that will look great anywhere inside. It's one of the most expensive models on our list - what do you get for your money? Well, it's too fast. It takes only six minutes to connect nine pieces of ice in the form of a bullet. Give it 24 hours, and a 68-ounce tank will save up to 26 pounds of ice. Note that you'll have to give him some time to prepare before first use. The radiator needs to stabilize, so the ice maker must stand in a straight position for 4 hours. The first two uses won't be as fast - but then they're really accelerated.

It is also very easy to use. Just plug it in, pour your water and select the size of the ice you choose. That's right. Navigate between them by pressing a distinctive key with an arrow. Small ice pieces are ideal for fiting the neck of a bottle of water. Large drinks will take longer to melt and be great for mixed drinks or packing around food. There is an ice bucket inside the freezer room, so it's easy to move ice wherever you need it. A hand scoop is also included in the packaging. The operation is quiet, and the machine will stop working as soon as the snow chamber is full. That means he won't waste any energy. There are indicator lights to show you when the ice bucket is full and when the tank is empty. There is an automatic self-cleaning mode to get rid of maintenance hassles.

Note that while the ice maker is isolated, it is not frozen. Use cold water and keep it in a cool place to get snow as quickly as possible. He noted that the ice he made would not remain frozen indefinitely. If you don't use any before melting, the water will be drained into the tank to refreeze next time. This prevents any water wasted. There are some things to note with this. The fan on the side emits a great deal of heat, so it may not be the best option if you have a kitchenette. While touch controls look great, they are very sensitive. Be sure to avoid double pressure.

1. TRUSTECH Portable Countertop Semi Auto Cleaning - Features :

1. TRUSTECH Portable Countertop Semi Auto Cleaning - Features :
  • Automatic cleaning with the ability to choose the size of the ice:
TrustECH Ice Maker countertop with self-cleaning function, just press the play/stop button for 5 seconds to start self-cleaning mode! It's not easy to dissolve or paste the common bullet-shaped ice, the ice-making machine of different sizes is great for barbecue, basement bars, café, and home parties, a perfect gift for your friends who love iced beer or drinks.
  • Get you to snow quickly in 6 minutes:
TRUSTECH's fast portable ice-making machine works quickly, just 6 minutes to get 9 pieces of chewable and delicious bullet-shaped ice cubes per cycle and up to 26 lbs/12 kg of ice in 24 hours. With a capacity of 1.5 liters/68 ounces. Water tank.
  • Smart one-touch process:
Using a simple control panel, just add water, connect it to the power, press the power button, determine the size of the ice and forget it. With a way out and a drain plug at the bottom, it is easy to empty the water. You don't need any complex installation.
  • Large or small snow can be chosen with a basket and snow scoop:
2 optional snow sizes. A common bullet-shaped snowman, not easy to dissolve and stick to each other, is great for cooling drinks or openings of small water bottles and food. Large transparent window for easy observation
  • One-year return policy, basket and ice scoop including:
With a one-year return policy, feel free to contact us when you have any problems! We'll solve any problem for you right away! We offer an ice basket and a scoop if you buy this beautiful and portable ice maker!

TRUSTECH Portable Countertop Semi Auto Cleaning PROS AND CONS

  TRUSTECH Portable Countertop Semi Auto Cleaning PROS AND CONS

1- Pros

  • Makes snow every 6 minutes like working the clock!
  • It passes and gets the job done without the fan noise is not loud.
  • It doesn't have many bells or whistles, which means it's easy to operate.
  • The price is much lower than similar models from other companies.

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