AGLUCKY Ice Maker Machine for Countertop

AGLUCKY Ice Maker Machine for Countertop

AGLUCKY Ice Maker Machine for Countertop

If you want to cool your drink quickly, you need a portable ice maker! These gadgets can bring out the heat of hot summer days.

The AGLUCKY ice-making machine is available in black, silver or red. It has a nice large window in the cover to allow you to see in the bucket. The control panel is located at the top of the window, making it look like a small washing machine with an overhead load!

The composition of controls is similar to many other models. There are five light indicators and two buttons. Buttons allow you to turn on and off power and choose from two sizes of ice bullet. Indicator lights appear when the unit is running, the size of the ice it makes, when the container is full, and when the tank is empty.

Small and large ice bullets have about the same length, but the large ones are wider. Whatever size you choose, the machine will produce nine of them within 6 to 8 minutes. Over the course of 24 hours, you can get up to 26.5 pounds of snow. The device is 8.7 inches wide, 12.3 inches deep and 12.6 inches high. Do not occupy a large amount of counter or storage. The tank has a capacity of 70 ounces. While the high-speed exhaust fan generates some heat, it is very quiet.

As with other icemakers, you'll need to move the ice to the freezer to prevent it from melting. The bucket and scoop included in the package make this task easier. Aglucky offers a year of service support with each purchase. This also seems to be one of the long-lasting ice-making machines.

1. AGLUCKY Ice Maker Machine for Countertop - Features :

1. AGLUCKY Ice Maker Machine for Countertop - Features :
  • Multiple functions and buttons:
Simple process and intuitive screen. The smart control button reminds you when the ice is full or when there is a shortage of water and tells you to add water when the ice maker lacks water.
  • Make ice as fast as possible:
This fast-acting device means that your drink never heats up. Make 9 ice cubes quickly in 6-10 minutes. It can even produce up to 26.5 pounds of ice per day, allowing you to get fresh and good snow every day. Also, this is not noisy, our icemaker's work surface is equipped with a fast and quiet cooling system. This not only helps you save energy, but it also keeps the ice-making machine cool and ensures a calm environment. Select the setting of small or large ice cubes according to your preferred size.
Optional ice size press the button, choose the size of the ice suitable for you to choose the size of ice, which is always used to cool drinks and food and produces round and smooth snow in the form of a bullet, and will not hurt always use your hands to cool drinks and food.
  • Built-in ice maker and extensive applications:
This portable ice-making machine on the work surface features wide applications of 12.3 (D) * 8.7 (W) * 12.6 (H) inches. With a portable and compact design, the ice-making machine placed on the table is easy to carry and operate. It has extensive applications, when and wherever you are, you'll find ice there. You can use it perfectly for the bar, tea shop, KTV, kitchen and office.
  • Healthy ice cube to use:
Our ice maker is different from the others, the top cover with a transparent window, through which you can see directly. It can produce more pure ice cubes. So it can provide you with healthy ice cubes, ensuring you safe eating
  • Exhaust cooling function:
Compared to previous generation products, the cooling effect is better. It keeps the ice maker cool while working and is equipped with an effective compressor to produce high-quality ice. The rear cooling system helps the machine cool quickly, releasing heat into the air. To make the whole snowmaking process safer and more effective.
  • Fresh chilled drinks:
Allows you to enjoy cold drinks anytime, anywhere to keep it fresh. To make ice, just take out the ice basket and move it to where you need it. Easily fill the glass with ice with an ice scoop. It's very comfortable.

AGLUCKY Ice Maker Machine for Countertop PROS AND CONS

 AGLUCKY Ice Maker Machine for Countertop PROS AND CONS

1- Pros

  • Makes 9 cubes in 6 minutes
  • It works great. Makes a lot of ice
  • It works very quietly and takes little space on the counter.
  • Very easy to use. Great for dinners and small parties together.

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