How to Care for Leather Handbags - Guide

How to Care for Leather Handbags - Guide

How to Care for Leather Handbags - Guide

Nothing can be as stylish as a handmade and high-quality leather bag. You can combine it with almost everything and can update any look. The classic leather bag is eternal and will never run out. If they are also handmade, it gives them the perfect touch.

Leather bags are expensive, but the great thing about them is that they can last for years or even decades. The only condition is to take appropriate care for them. Otherwise, they can be damaged, so you will have to get rid of them. That's why we're discussing today how to properly take care of your handmade leather bag.

1-  Keep your hands away from the surface of the skin

1-  Keep your hands away from the surface of the skin

Make sure your hands are always clean when touching your leather bag. It may seem like an unimportant detail, but if you keep touching your bag with unclean hands, it will look messy and unattractive. If you're not ready to monitor this, a leather bag may not be the best option for you.

Leather bags absorb grease easily, so you should keep everything away from them. You should use a cotton cloth to wipe it every now and then and keep it clean and shiny this way. Also, keep larger amounts of water away from these bags as they take a long time to dry again.

2-  Find the products that work for leather

2-  Find the products that work for leather

After a few months or a whole year, a lot of dirt is attached to the pores of the leather bag. This is the time when you are supposed to clean more thoroughly. The best option is to find products dedicated to this use. You can find a soft soap specially designed for leather bags. This can be the best way to keep it clean and fresh-looking. Again, avoid using too much water. Just wet the bag a little and start rubbing this soap in circular motions.

After making sure you reach all parts of the bag, use a dry and clean cloth to remove soap from the surface of the bag. Products designed for this type of bag can be the best option to keep them clean for a while. Make sure you don't overuse it because you can achieve the opposite effect. Cleaning once a year can be a dynamic ideal to keep your bag clean and look completely new.

3-  Moisturize your leather bag

3-  Moisturize your leather bag

Just as your face needs a moisturizer to stay hydrated and properly nourished, your leather bag requires air conditioning to stay soft. Without proper care, your leather bag will dry and lose its beautiful shine. And you want to avoid it at any cost, especially if you have invested in some luxurious and high-quality leather handbags or leather bags, such as those offered by The London Elysium Company. You should apply these products every six months to prevent peeling and dehydration. You can even get some proper oils on a sponge and rub them in the bag. Let it dry and it will look shiny.

4- Don't be too harsh about removing the smell

4- Don't be too harsh about removing the smell

Leather bags also come with that specific scent that we all know. As for the smell, many want to eliminate it. One way to do this is to use deodorant. It can work sometimes, but you should try to stay away from everything that may be too harsh on the skin. Avoid aggressive solvents that you know may be harmful. For example, you can use the Fabreze spray that you find in some supermarkets. It's a great product that can remove unwanted odor in a few sprays. Baking soda is another good tool you can use.

It is famous for its great absorption properties, so you can try spraying some of them inside your leather bag and leaving them for a few hours or even for a day. After that, you must get rid of the smell. If you want to add a nice scent to it afterward, you can use some essential oils. Use a drop or two, and gently rub in the cloth. 

5- Store your leather bag properly

5- Store your leather bag properly

If you wear your handmade leather bag from time to time, not every day, you should do your best to store it properly. Standing on the shelf, exposure to various external factors can lead to damage to your leather bag and loss of benefits. Luxury leather bags usually come in dust bags. Its primary purpose is not to make nice packaging, but you should keep your leather bag inside. This way, it will be safe until you decide to wear them again. Another good idea is to fill your bag with bubble wraps. It will maintain its shape and prevent the creases from wrinkled for a long time. Keep the silica gel nearby to keep moisture away from the bag. Be sure to carry your leather bag on the air every few weeks. This will prevent mold growth and remove unwanted odors.

6- Remove the scratches right away

6- Remove the scratches right away

If you notice any scratches or stains on a handmade leather bag, make sure you remove them immediately. By waiting too long, you will not be able to eliminate something that can be easily removed if done on time. If you see that you can't do it with your fingertips or cloth alone, try adding a few drops of oil to the cotton pad and gently rubbing it into the skin. It should do all the work and eliminate scratches and stains.

7- Conclusion

 Handmade leather bags are like these classics that don't get old. They can be combined with a lot of wonderful pieces and make every look glow. Proper care of your leather bag is essential. It should be cleaned regularly, in condition, and stored in a dust bag if possible. Proper care of a leather bag can make it look amazing for much longer and enable years of luxury wear, a high-quality leather bag.

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