Ironmatik Space Saving Ironing Board

Ironmatik Space Saving Ironing Board

Ironmatik ironing board is well-made with great research and development. It is nice. Looks like you probably have the coolest washing machine or the fastest dry-cleaning and dry-cleaning service with advanced and efficient technology you need a strong and durable iron plate that provides you with a surface size of 35.43 inches x 14.96 inches. Because the size is less than traditional ironing boards. Moreover, the other obvious difference is the convenience of storing the iron with the ironing board together. It has a silicone rubber band to bond the fabric iron to the plate. You also have a strong hook, you can hang clothes in your closet, or any other wardrobe. When it's time to set the table again, the iron tray is also adjustable to the left and right. It has a silicone plate to protect
 the iron base.
Ironmatik makes ironing fun because it has a light, but extremely sturdy and durable design that can also be adjusted from 24 inches to 34.5 inches. Natural mesh cover with 3 layers lining weight less than 15 lbs. Safe thanks to the unique storage design, the plate has a high-tech fabric without wrinkles that facilitate ironing and removing deep wrinkles, so, you do not need a new or additional top cover. It also has footrests that help it not to slip or vibrate, an adjustable height handle, and the table is heat-resistant, multi-layer natural mesh unit, protecting the silicone plate from the iron. The durable hook for easy storage allows both the plate and the iron safely in your closet.

1. Ironmatik Space Saving Ironing Board Features :
  • It is characterized by ease of preparation and also storage or transportation.
  • The storage hook is easy to place for storage.
  • It is light in weight and less space compared to other steel plate sizes.
  • Height is adjustable.
  • Designed with a solid, durable frame with non-slip feet for excellent stability and lasting quality.
  • The plate is made of 3 layers of surfaces for a smooth and hard surface.
  • The iron rest is heat-resistant and is specially designed for right and left-hand users


1- Pros

  • It is extremely sturdy and durable and will not tip even when pressed while ironing.
  • The plate cover is guaranteed and will not move even at the edges of our board with another plate.
  • Ideal for space-saving and easy ironing.

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