Homz contour ironing board review

Homz contour ironing board review

If you are looking for a cheap and long-lasting ironing board. If this is the case for you then you're in the right place, then Homz Counter Steel Top might be what you're looking for. This plate is manufactured in the USA by the only American homz ironing company. For over 65 years of giving and mastering is a trusted company. This is a good reason to buy it if you are interested in American products. Another reason is, of course, the attractive price. It's a cheap, good ironing board for all budgets and it's affordable for everyone. It is also a light ironing board that weighs approximately 9 pounds. This makes it is easy to move and carry around from place to place which is great for consumers with poor physical structure. It's a very simple table with a thin pillow and simple but sturdy legs. You can't compare it to Brabantia's reliability because of the obvious price difference. But if you can do without less stability and durability, it may work great for you at the price you paid.

The Homz contour ironing board is the primary plate to keep your clothes, curtains, and all fabric pressed and in good condition while ironing. It comes with a perforated hard surface to improve the steam flow during ironing. With a size of 53.75 × 13 inches, the panel provides you with a wide ironing surface for clothing of all sizes. Durable and sturdy metal legs also provide increased stability while ironing, and the leg lock allows a well-patented design from the company to facilitate storage and transportation. The non-sliding foot should keep it in place and fixed. Height is adjustable, 
max 37.5.

1- Homz contour ironing board Features :

  • Made in the USA at our Indiana plant
  • It features a perforated steel surface that helps you remove wrinkles faster, now it has a hard surface
  • Features a 100% cotton cover with a polyurethane foam filling
  • Various styles of replacement covers and pillows are available for this ironing board
  • Precision thick steel feet 1 3/8 '' thick, durable and durable
  • It can be easily adjusted to any height you want, reaching a length of 37.5 inches
  • The curved foot increases its stability by 30% on the primary T-leg ironing board
  • Modern gray and white mesh cover design with white frame
  • Lightweight for easy setup and storage with non-slip feet
  • Size: 53.75 x 13 inches x 36 inches

Homz contour ironing board PROS AND CONS

1- Pros

  • Its inexpensive price  (about $35)
  • Lightweight is excellent for the elderly
  • Easy locking mechanism makes it easy to set up, move and store
  • Height adjustable
  • Attractive cover that can be changed in any color and shape