What is a good 3 day a week workout routine?

What is a good 3 day a week workout routine?

What is a good 3 day a week workout routine?

Before you read about the 3day workout routine, have you checked out How To Build Your Own Workout Routine: A Guide for Beginners. Read it first, because it contains some really important information that you should know before planning your own exercise regime.

Having three sessions of exercise per week is pretty decent, and it puts you ahead you of others who might exercise every day for a week, and stop for three weeks before exercising again. Consistency is very important in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

1- Time Consideration For Your 3Day Workout Routine

After reading about How To Build Your Own Workout Routine, you know that time is one of your most important consideration. You need to consider how much time you have to spare for each day. Make sure that the amount of time you set is reasonable so that you will not lose your motivation to exercise.

Losing this motivation means that you will be less likely to be consistent about working out. Therefore, be fair to yourself. If you are new, set aside maybe twenty minutes to half an hour per day to prevent yourself from getting burnt out.

Creating A 3Day Workout Routine Based On Your Goals

The goals that you want to achieve for yourself will ultimately influence the way you plan your exercise regime. The two types of goals that I will be discussing are as follows:

      - Improve general physical fitness

      - Help with weight loss

2- Guidelines For Planning A 3Day Workout Routine

If your aim is to improve your general physical fitness, as in, you don't want to lose weight or achieve anything specific but simply want to be healthier and stronger, you can follow this method.

To improve your physical fitness, you need to have a good balance of muscle building exercises on top of spending some time doing aerobic exercises. Since you choose to have 3 days per week where you will dedicate an hour or so, you need to plan what kind of exercises you should do on each day.

Tip: Make sure that you do not over train your muscles by training the same muscle groups without sufficient breaks in between. The rule of thumb is to dedicate one day to upper body workouts, another for lower body and the last day for aerobic exercises.

Therefore, if you want to spend time working out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, a typical schedule would look something like this:

- Monday: Lower Body Workouts

- Wednesday: Upper Body Workouts

- Friday: Aerobic Activities

Take note that lower body workouts is placed as far as possible from aerobic exercises, which usually include things like running and tennis, that places a lot of pressure on your legs. Furthermore, after your aerobic workouts, you will have the weekend to recuperate before working out again on Monday.

3- Choosing Your Workouts

Choosing your workouts for an optimal 3day workout routine is pretty easy. As long as you are careful to ensure that you stretch, do each repetition carefully and take time to cool down, you are on your way to success! Remember not to forget to warm up and cool down!

Let's take a look at Monday, where you need to do upper body exercises. You can take a look at arms, chest or abdominal exercises, and simply choose one or two workouts for each body part.

An example would be:

     - Warming up exercises

Arm exercises

     - 2 sets of push ups exercises

     - 2 sets of bicep curls

Chest exercises

     - 2 sets of dumbbell flyes

     - 2 sets of dumbbell pullovers

Abdominal exercises

     - 2 sets of bicycle crunches

     - 2 sets of leg raises

     - Cool down exercises

How should you perform your workouts? Complete one set, and take one minute rest. During the time you are resting, you can choose to perform some more stretching exercises, or simply walk around.

After one minute, you can continue with the next set. Assuming you take 2 minutes for each set, and one minute of rest between sets, after all the exercises, you would have spent about half an hour. Upon completion, pat yourself on the back and proceed with your cool down exercises.

Some of you might feel that 2 sets per exercise is too much, or you need more rest time between sets. That is completely fine. Just be sure that you listen to your body and do not over do it.

Therefore, for Wednesday, head over to my articles on leg workouts and butt exercises and do the same for Wednesday.

As for Friday, you are limited by your imagination as to what you choose to do for your aerobic workouts. 

4- 3Day Workout Routine: Improving Physical Fitness

This is by far the easiest routine to create. Simply look at my guidelines on how to choose your workout days, as well as advice on how to choose your exercises.

Remember not to take warming up exercises lightly!

Every set should consist of 8 repetitions and you should use moderate amount of weights. Take about one minute of rest in between set. However, if you feel that you cannot take it, STOP. Rest. You will feel much better to continue the next day if you stopped.

Pushing yourself too far too quickly will only result in unwanted injuries.

5- 3Day Workout Routine: Working For Weight Loss

In the event you wish to plan a 3day workout routine to help you lose weight, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. They are:

       - Low number of repetitions, high amount of weights

      - Short period of rest (half a minute)

You might wonder why you must take both things into consideration. The reason is quite simple. To achieve weight loss, you need to keep your metabolism in overdrive, both during and after your workouts, so that your body is continuously burning fat and calories in your body.

Low repetitions and high amount of weights achieve this quite well. By increasing the intensity, you make your muscles work harder for shorter periods of time. After that, when you take shorter periods of rest, your muscles do not have much time to relax, as they are demanded to work again for the next rep.

Therefore, use the guidelines that I have talked about under 3day workout routine to decide how to choose your days for your workout. Also look at choosing your workouts to learn how to plan your exercises.

The same rules apply, only that now you must, must do lower number of repetitions per set, say four reps per set, and take half a minute of rest, instead of one minute.

6- Final Words

I hope this has helped you with planning your very own 3day workout routine! I understand that it is extremely lengthy, but you have everything you should know about creating successful plans from now on.

I think very often, many people who try to teach others about creating proper plans fail to tell them exactly what they need to know! Therefore, it causes injuries, fails to meet physical fitness goals or is just poorly planned. I think you are now greatly empowered to plan something that suits YOU.

Plan something that suits you, your availability of time, your goals, your aims. Your chances of success are even greater when you plan workouts for yourself. No one can plan something better since you know yourself best.

I really hope that you benefit from this! Let me know how it helps via my email, or share your thoughts and experiences about planning your own 3day workout routine. Your experiences can be based on this article, or from a book (magazine, site) about planning your own exercise regime. Share them using my contact form!
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