Stop Snoring: Treating Your Snoring Problem-Sleep Well and Live Better

Stop Snoring: Treating Your Snoring Problem-Sleep Well and Live Better

Stop Snoring: Treating Your Snoring Problem-Sleep Well and Live Better

Snoring is a series of snorting noises caused by the vibration of the respiratory structures like the soft palate. The main cause of snoring is the fact that something like the tongue or throat muscles relax too much, thus blocking the air flow between the openings of the nose and the wind pipe or trachea.

There are different problems with snoring besides the fact that it’s annoying for the person sharing the bed with you. Snoring problems usually cause horrible headache, tiredness and feeling very weak in the mornings. Also, chronic snoring can cause cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. There are different ways to treat snoring and avoid bigger problems in the future.

1- Lose weight

If you want to avoid snoring problems losing weight is the place to start. An overweight person is prone to have snoring problems besides the myriad of problems caused by the extra pounds.

2- Raise your head

If you raise your pillows 5 inches off the level of the bed, the muscles inside your mouth lean forward instead of blocking the windpipes. This natural solution is very probable to work in helping you reduce your snoring problems. The Blackstone Pillow is a pillow that helps you elevate, align and open the throat airway.

3- Sleep on the side

Sleeping on this position will cause the muscles in your mouth to lean sideways. Your windpipe won’t be blocked and your snoring will be reduced or it could even possibly disappear.

4- Avoid Relaxants

Alcohol, sleeping pills and sedatives are very good for relaxing, the problem with relaxing too much is that also your mouth’s muscles relax, thus blocking your air flow and causing you to snore. Try to avoid those products before going to bed.

5- Anti-Snoring Devices

These devices are not for everybody. The results depend totally on you and each person is different, overall, the result is the same: the devices usually don’t work. The list of anti-snoring devices includes: stop snoring strips, nasal dilators, nasal sprays, and most of the “stop snoring” mouthpieces available in the market.

However, there’s one exception with the Snore Med. Many users of this mouthpiece are very happy with the device since they claim it reduces up to 90% of snoring. The most common problem with the Snore Med is that you can experience jaw and teeth pain while you’re getting used to it. Most people never get used to the Snore Med and quit after the first couple of days. Nevertheless, users that remained faithful to their desire to stop snoring claim they are more energized in the morning and their partner in bed can finally have a good night sleep.

6- Herbal products

If you want to get your hands on herbal product to stop snoring is up to you. Most of these natural products are not approved by the FDA, so you need to be very careful. A product that users claim, reduces or eliminates their snoring is the Snore Calm Herbal Spray. This product contains Euphrasia, a natural ingredient that stops palate vibration during sleep. Their are many herbal sleep aids available, do your research and find the one that works for you.

7- Surgery

This could be your last choice to stop snoring. However, you need to qualify for this type of surgery. You need to have certain degree of obstruction so doctors can take surgery in consideration for your case. The surgery is supposed to be quick and painless.
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