Jogging and medicine: What do doctors think about Jogging?

Jogging and medicine: What do doctors think about Jogging?

Jogging and medicine: What do doctors think about Jogging?

1- Jogging and vessels of lower extremity

Varicose veins of the lower limb – isn’t a contra-indication to trainings, because cyclical exercises relieve venous drainage and improve peripheral circulation. Shin muscle spasm pushes blood toward heart and removes venous engorgement.

Advice. Before jogging, by acute form of varicosity, bandage the shin with elastic bandage. Before going to bed, lie some minutes with a little raised legs. In the presence of some complications, for example, by trombophlebitis, jogging is categorically forbidden. Active blood extrusion from inflamed veins can lead to thrombus dissolution or to pulmonary artery thrombosis. In the presence of inflammation, like induration, morbidity, intumescence, you should consult a doctor.

Walking and jogging are also efficacious by artery atherosclerosis of lower extremities in early cases. There is a normalization of vascular tone, lowering of peripheric resistance, circulation development passing over stenotic arteries.

2- Jogging and gastrointestinal diseases

Easy temporary work – warming-up, fast walking, exercises in healthy groups – stimulates stomach’s function. The physical training improves immunity and has bracing effect on the body. Moreover, good loads promote normalization of inadequate nervous conditions in cerebral cortex. It is important for pathogenesis of peptic ulcer. By stomach diseases, of course not in acute condition, irrespective of its secretion, jogging is useful.

In case of hypoacidity, it is enough to drink half glass of water before jogging that strengthens stomach’s function. The duration of Sunday jogging should not exceed one hour. Longer training can lead to pressure of stomach’s secretion. For patients with normal and excess acidity it is recommended to drink a

decoction of oatmeal before jogging. It has alkaline reaction and can neutralize the acidic environment of stomach. In this case the duration of Sunday jogging (by appropriate training) can be increased up two hours.

Normal long-term jogging is a good way for the treatment of mucous colitis. Bowels vibration and magnesium salts secretion in its lumen intensifies peristalsis and acts better than other laxatives, restoring the disturbed drainage function.

Jogging can be also useful by dysfunction of bile-ducts (biliary dyskinesia), because it normalizes their tone and relieves bile outflow, especially if it is combined with abdominal breathing. During inhalation it is necessary to protrude belly as much as possible, and during exhalation – to suck in. In this time the thorax should still motionless. Previously t home you can work through the technique of abdominal breathing. At first in back-lying position, then in sitting position. While exhalation the liver is squeezed between a diaphragm (the septum between abdominal and thoracic cavity) and a spine, as a result it makes easier the bile outflow to duodenum luminal, as well as it improves liver function. When it is considered that during jogging the oxygen consumption by liver increased in 2-3 times, then combined effects of two factors is difficult to overestimate.

3- Jogging system in combination with abdominal breathing by liver diseases

At the first stage – variable walking: walking with acceleration by 30-40min. in four-minute interval of slow walking or rest (4-6 weeks). Then brisk walking is replaced by slow jogging in the same proportion. During jogging it is used abdominal breathing – short inhalation for 1-2 steps and long inhalation – for 3-5 steps. Preliminary dose of cholagogic herbs intensifies inspissated bile outflow. The pain disappearance begins sometimes directly during trainings.

4- Jogging and diabetes mellitus

By acute stage of diabetes mellitus, when insulin administration can not normalize carbohydrate metabolism and by its sudden drop concentration, jogging is counter-indicative, because it causes acute fluctuations of blood sugar. In case of light or moderate severity, constitutional walk and jogging are of appreciable benefit. The sensitivity of the body to insulin is increased – at the same concentration in the blood glucose is better assimilated by the liver.

It is also necessary to take into account the indirect therapeutic effects of cyclic exercises – enhancement of lipid exchange, the normalization of body weight and blood pressure. In that way, regular jogging trainings raise treatment efficacy of diabetes mellitus. By that it is reported the improvement of well-being, increase in work capacity and heart rate fall. On average at 25% reduces the necessity of insulin administration.

Brief high-speed and weight-lifting exercises, team sports are not recommended, because they cause sharp increase in blood sugar.

5- Jogging and excess weight

If mass of a body exceed 20 kilos, then start your exercises with constitutional walk. In future, in going to jogging, there are some tips for beginners which help to prevent traumas of locomotor system.

       - At the beginning run only on the soft ground (on the stadium tracks or parks` alleys), avoid asphalt as far as possible;

       - Alternate jogging with walking for a long time

       - Lift feet from the ground at the minimum altitude in order to decrease vertical body vibration and stroke pressure by landing

       - Leg’s position on the ground should done just on the whole foot from the top downwards, like on stairs, which also softens the impact force;

       - the length of progressive run should be minimal – one and a half or two feet;

       - you can run only in running shoes with elastic thick sole and arch support, keeping longitudinal arch

       - Do regular exercises for strengthening of ankle-joint and feet muscles, which are recommended by flat-foot

The main condition for trauma prevention – is a limitation of trainings during first months to 20-30 minutes 3 times a week. Then slowly and gradually you can increase the duration of runs. Then muscles, ligaments and joints will grow stronger and be able to adapt to the exercises. Loads limitation has its reason – with growth of body weight, it is also increased the cardiac performance.

6- Health-improving run

According to German researches from Ulm University, jogging helps us to be concentrated and improves our visual memory.

They took 30 volunteers and set them a task: they had to run 30 minutes twice a week, after that did different difficult tests, which included answering the questions, the descriptions of things and analysis of words and images.

When they became the first test results, researchers divided volunteers into two groups: one continued run during 6 months, the other group only made tests.

There were not a lot of differences between these two groups. But result was obvious: runners made many fewer mistakes. Researches suppose, that running volunteers had high attention focusing, they remembered information much better.

For the present moment researches can not say exactly what is a reason. But psychologist Sanna Stroth suggested her own theory. In her opinion, physical activity, such as jogging, promotes new hippocampal cells and protects already existent

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