Where and when can you jogging? Can I jog anywhere?

Where and when can you jogging? Can I jog anywhere?

Where and when can you jogging? Can I jog anywhere?

Jogging is the most simple and effective way of physical training that you can do at any time and at any place.

Jogging reduces cholesterol and blood sugar, normalizes the weight (by rational nutrition), improves the metabolism, influences the skin, trains cardiovascular and respiratory systems and has a positive influence on the musculoskeletal system of the organism. Jogging is also an excellent prevention of the arthropathy, moreover its greatly improves the working efficiency and endurance, and helps to strive with nervous irritation.

Jogging not only keeps muscles in tone, but also has beneficial effects on brain activity. American scientists have determined that jogging and other intensive physical exercises cause intensive growth of new brain cells. Especially by processes of learning and memorizing. It asserts results of many researches. During the jogging, brain as a rule, preoccupies with positive thoughts. Jogging helps us to concentrate and to be in a mood for working.

Before go in for sports you should be advised by therapist. Before exercises do the cardiogram and measure the pressure. If you have some pathologies, then make and coordinate with a doctor an individual plan of exercises and act exactly according to plan. You can jogging at any time. Every person has its own biological clock and daily routine. Follow only some recommendations.

1- Where can you jogging

Where and when can you jogging? Can I jog anywhere?

It is advisable running in a gym or on the stadium, and the best of all would be the forest park, because fresh air, silence, birds` singing, relaxes and destress you. You can use the treadmill, it does not matter what kind of model – very simple or equipped with various means for organism control. But you really needn’t jogging on urban streets with a heavy traffic. It is not desirable, especially at the beginning of trainings, jogging on the concrete highway, as well as on the roads covered with stones. Choose dirt roads. Firm and uneven soil can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. In wintertime the most convenient is mild, but elastic soil. If you have to run on a road covered with snow, it should be necessarily rolled or sanded earth. In no case you should not jog on the ice-crusted ground – it threatens with serious injuries.

2- When can you jogging

Where and when can you jogging? Can I jog anywhere?

Morning run wakes up the body. But there are some recommendations: first, after waking up, don’t stand up quick, but stretch yourself, straighten every muscle, make some turns, bends and simple stretching exercises. It is obligatory to drink a glass of water or kefir, and only after that go jogging. But in order to finally wake up, you need a contrast shower, begin and finish it with a warm water, no cold. Because you must start training with the maximally ready and dilating vessels.

Those who have training in the evening, must remember that one shouldn’t jogging on an empty stomach. Coming back from work, have a light salad or soup, relax a little, less than half an hour and go out jogging.

      - For women it is better jogging in the evening, when the hormones level, that is responsible for physical activity, is the most high.

     - For men is a morning run recommended.

As a means of strengthening of the cardiovascular system, jogging is the most useful for men, because of its conditions in many respects depends sexual potency. Running is the most natural way to keep and sometimes recover normal erection, which impossible without the normal work of heart and vessels.

Without control of a doctor in exercise therapy, jogging is contraindicative, if you have:

- congenital heart disease and mitral stenosis (the narrowing of the orifice of the mitral valve of the heart).

      - old myocardial infarction or stroke.

      - full-blown cardiac abnormalities, for example, fibrillation.

      - circulation insufficiency or pulmonary insufficiency of any etiology.

      - high arterial hypertension (blood pressure 180/110 and above), stabled to the action of drug therapy.

      - chronic kidney disease, thyrotoxicosis and non-insulin-dependent diabetes.

      - glaucoma and progressive myopia, threatening with detachment of retina.

      - any acute disease, including catarrhal, as well as exacerbation of some chronic illness.

3- Jogging equipment

Where and when can you jogging? Can I jog anywhere?

Jogging in proper equipment is pleasant and really useful. Running shoes is the most important accoutrements. They must be springy (have shock-absorber in heels and fix ankle joint). By purchase pay attention to sign «running».

For jogging you should use comfortable shoes with rubber sole and with bulge under heels. I often use spongy soles. It is not very important what kind of shoes do you use. More important is protect your feet from rub sores, which can cause constant discomfort and even lead to bad mood.

Running shoes should not be too free or too tight. During jogging legs often swell up from excess of blood circulation, and if shoes are too tight it can lead to blisters. Pay attention to socks. Make sure that there are non any holes and darns – main causes of irritations and blisters – and that they will not fall out of step. Usually I put on two pairs of socks – one thin and one more thick, which wear tennis players.

Clothes should be comfortable and «breathing». There is no need to pull several tracksuits (trausers, breeches) with sauna effect. It is better to wear cotton T-shirt, or breathing tracksuit (with use of Clima Сool, Dry Fit, Pro Function technologies). There are also many tracksuits for winter trainings, which help you be free-moving and don’t become frozen. Remember, that in winter you should wear cap and gloves.

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