what are the benefits of jogging and running?Effects of Jogging

what are the benefits of jogging and running?Effects of Jogging

what are the benefits of jogging and running?Effects of Jogging

Usual jogging influences our body much more than walking. The blood flow increases – as a result of energy acquisition from surroundings. As a result of breath – excretion of toxins and body’s irrigation by means of clean blood. Inertia of energy achieves more goals than by walking. If running is sufficient long, then appears respiratory acidosis, – what improves biosynthesis in cells. Health effect, which was long ago noticed by people, increases repeatedly. From ancient Hellas our ears have reached beautiful rupestrian words: “If you want to be strong – run, if you want to be beautiful – run, if you want to be clever – run”.

Let’s take a closer look at effects which appear from running load. The influence of jogging on endocrine and nervous systems is obvious. Running helps indicated systems put rhythmic work in order.

In order to load these systems, long cyclic anti-gravity work is necessary. Long slow jogging is an ideal variant in that case.

We know that the majority of blood vessels in our body are vertical, and capillary blood flow at rest on 1 square millimeter of muscle cross section opens approximately at 30-80 capillaries. During jogging, when person constantly overcomes gravity, the blood flow in vessels is also “swinging” and becomes a single whole with running. Gradually at the same time open up previously “sleeping” capillaries. The number of opened capillaries can already reach 2500. Such microcirculation makes work of endocrine secretion more active.

The hormone flow is increasing and now is able to reach remote cells and put their work in order. It also coordinates the activity of systems. As a result, it brings to more well-organized and balanced activity of all organisms’ systems.

As a rule, after long running (30 or more minutes) appears the feel of happiness (euphoria). It is the result of intensive work of hypophysis, which produces special hormones – endorphins. By different doses they are 200 times more effective than morphine!

There is a special method directed to intensive development of endorphins. Thus, limit physical activity during 12-15 minutes increases endorphins level from 320 units to 1650. This effect is especially good observed by high trained people. Good euphoria cause 5 kilometers of jogging at a speed of 5-6 minutes for 1 kilometer. In such a way, jogging – is a perfect method against depression.

In process of trainings the number of cardiac beats decreases, the heart becomes stronger and works more efficiently. The adrenals hormones, which are produced in the process of physical activity, have a beneficial effect on the heart. As a result, person with a low pulse controls his emotions much easier, and heightened levels of adrenaline do not have harmful influences on his body, as is happens with sedentary people.

You can run at anytime of the day. Thus, in the mornings, when there is heightened number of hormones in the blood, running will be a natural means for weakening of hormones excess, that helps the body return to harmony. If you run in the evenings, after the working day – so you relax, recharge with energy, suppress excess appetite and fall asleep.

As by long rhythmic running pulse becomes 120-130 beats per minute and peripheral blood vessels is increasing, their resistance is decreasing, that leads to blood pressure reduction. By decreased pressure, it, vice versa – rises. Thus, running – is an excellent normalizer of blood pressure.

If briefly summarize the healing powers of jogging, then it is especially effective by hypertension and hypotonia, dystonia, stenocardia, ischemic heart disease, rheumatism, mitral valve insufficiency, osteochondrosis and by stomach ulcer. Besides, running brakes ageing process, because it activates intracellular biosynthesis, normalizes the activity of central nervous system (excitative and inhibitory processes), activates and regulates the activity of endocrine glands, strengthens the immune system – increases host defenses, charges the body with energy and perfectly helps fighting against excessive and uncontrolled of food consumption. So, if in the evening you have such event, you can easily prevent it, making an easy run from 20 till 40 and more minutes! In such a way you can suppress appetite for 1-2 hours, and you will be easily satisfied with a little food intake.

what are the benefits of jogging and running?Effects of Jogging

As a result of body energization, increases creative potential, especially in the process of jogging. Generally, during running the most valuable thoughts come into mind.

Very effective is a combination of running with various mental representations, meditative run or its other varieties. Here are some of them.

1- “Energy bleeding” during jogging.

For that you should imagine that by breath you absorb from the air through some part of your body (crown, nose, palm, foot and so on) healing energy. By exhalation, mentally send energy to the ill or weak part.

By regular trainings you can come to such condition, when you can feel physically how energy enters your body and then directs rush to the chosen place. At this part you will feel warmth and fluctuating blood.

2- “Metabolites extraction” 

If some of your organs is not in order, for example liver, then during jogging, by breath, imagine that you suck out from sick organ all toxins and pathogenic energy in the form of blackness (black smoke), and by exhalation, throw them out of organism along with an air.

When you feel that your part (liver) is enough clean, then act vice versa. During breath imagine that you fill with white or yellowish (sunlight) energy, and by exhalation you thicken it and send to the sick body (liver).

At the end of running, you can jog around 2-2,5 kilometers with deliberate speed, imagine yourself like arrow from the bow. It is very useful for intensive set of endorphins and for positive mood. After any quick jogging it is necessary run more 1-1,5 kilometers at a slow pace. Doing so, relax your body, let your hands dangling, such as ropes.

Many people in the beginning of jogging are very diffident. You can fight with it, if during running you will look after your spine. It should be straight like a stick. And everything else is “put” on it, freely dangling. You can look after weakening of fingers, then – after hands, then – after forearms. In such a way you will relax your hands. Then turn to face’s muscles and after that relax buttocks and legs from thigh to the shank.

The huge importance during jogging has a look. If you will see slightly above the horizon, then you become such feeling as you soar in an air. If you will see straight before yourself, to the ground – it would be difficult to run. Look besides you, either lowers your body’s energy, or lifts it up – that’s a source of these effects. If you will stare straight before yourself, it would be an effect of «tube retraction”. Try and see for yourself.

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