how to start jogging for weight loss? jogging tips for beginners

how to start jogging for weight loss? jogging tips for beginners

how to start jogging for weight loss? jogging tips for beginners

It is possible to stimulate blood circulation and get rid of extra kilos with a help of simple jogging. It warms up excellent the body. As a result – cholesterol melts actively and excretes through sudoriferous glands from organism. Other residuary toxins, that are free from the cholesterol, wash out through the kidneys. During running we can ourselves regulate the loads in the event of some problems. By any body condition jogging must be health-improving, safety, long and pleasant. 

How to start?

For warming-up before jogging do some stretching exercises. You can start jogging in the following way: the minute of slow running alternate with a minute of walking. In such a way try moving 15 minutes. On the 2nd and 3rd week raise this norm up to 20 minutes, and on the 4th week lead general time up to 30 minutes. Final aim: running 2 hours per week divided it into 3-4 days (i.e. 4 days by 30 minutes or 3 days by 40 minutes).

How to run rightly?

Do not stoop in jogging, do not bend forward, and do not throw your head back. Swing freely your arms keeping time with running. Choose step width so that it will be suitable for you and relaxed. If you run too fast, soon your body will let you know about it by stitches. Run with such a rate that you can easily talk to somebody. At the same time knee-joints should work optimally and feet look forward (do not walk pigeon-toed!).

If you take a deep breath through belly then you act rightly. You can check it putting your palm on the diaphragm, it should markedly move by breathing. Pay attention to exhalation, so that exhaust air can completely release lungs.

If you have an excess weight, perhaps for some time, you will have to do trainings up-tempo. In contrast to jogging such walking spares joints, sinews and ligaments as well as works for your physical shape, but little slower. For walking it is better to choose linear roads. You should start with 20-30 minutes three-times per week. After 2-3 weeks you can alternate the minute of jogging with a minute of walking, gradually increasing loading in favour of running

The rules of jogging and tips for beginners

1. For forming a habit at the beginning of the trainings make yourself jogging every day in a fixed time in any weather. Order yourself and run!

2. Your jogging must be relaxed. Run as slow as possible, keeping your strength and shorten a stride. You will want to run more quickly, but try to restrain yourself. Your task is to warm up, running longer but not faster.

3. Avoid extremes. Listen to your body, do not exhaust it excessive, stretching muscles and jogging with a harmful for the heart pace. Remember that in first months you have to do physical exercises with a help of will-power. Try to dress yourself warmer, in that case you will sweat more quickly and more effective. The process of your cleansing and healing will depend on the intensity of sweating.

4. Relax after jogging. You should rest lying, putting feet above the level of the heart. It is an excellent heart attack prevention. During running, when circulation of the blood is maximum and blood vessels are dilated, the heart experiences huge loads. And it should pump over 70% of blood that is below of it.

If you will lie with raised legs then heart can get rid of excess load. It will recreate itself and you avoid troubles.

5. With time do not restrain yourself, concentrate only on more efforts and distances. Gradually increase the load. First do trainings in the morning and in the evening for 10 minutes, running short distances, and then bring time and load into the compliance.

6. You do not observe how tens of kilometers will be within your power. The marathon race will not be unattainable any more. But even in that time when you feel that you can run hundred kilometers marathon, remember, that your aim is a health-improving run, as well as relaxed and pleasant. Do not try to gain speed. You can even simply walk some distance, and lie making physical exercises. If you feel seedy, then stop jogging.

7. If you want to have a snack during running, then take with you some vegetables, fruits or juices. It is categorically forbidden during jogging eat products containing proteins and carbohydrates!

If one person says that housekeeping does not give him opportunity to make running, it is more likely an excuse. Where there is a will there is a way! Especially because it is not difficult to find half an hour in the evening to cleanse your bowels, steam some medicinal herbs in thermos and go jogging at least not far from the house.

Is there a difference in the load between jogging in the open air and indoors on a treadmill?

Surely. But amount of this difference depends first of all on prescribed pace. The faster you run, the higher is it. Thus, according to American researchers, at a speed of 10-14 km / h outdoors, you’ll expend energy about 3-5% more than on the treadmill, and at a speed of 16 km / h – already at 10%. The fact is that modern professional treadmills make trainings easier – they help move legs back. Moreover by trainings indoors you will not have to overcome wind resistance, and as a result you will burn less calories.

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