The Best Things to Do in Miami (Florida), USA

The Best Things to Do in Miami (Florida), USA

The Best Things to Do in Miami (Florida), USA

Miami is a sunny, brash metropolis with very distinctive charm. Mostly famous for its long Florida coast, southern beaches and Miami, it reflects restored Art Deco, pastel architecture and palm trees appropriately on sand and surfing.

Outbacks include Coral Gables, Cocont Grove, Little Havana and downtown. Unlike many major cities, Miami's major draws do not come from urban areas to skyscrapers and main streets.

These areas tend to be quite segregated by ethnicity and economics. Little Havana is largely Cuban and not half as tourist-friendly. Coconut Grove and Coral Gables both offer nice resorts and lavish gardens.

The Best Things to Do in Miami (Florida), USA

Indulgence seems to be the theme here, perfect Florida weather, shopping, dining and drinking, and so on are some of my favorite pastimes. Some museums, galleries, and other cultural notables are scattered around South Beach as well.

The array of beaches and the allure of the sunshine is what keep Miami a tourist favorite. And as long as they both exist, the strips will be clogged with humanity.

The Best Tourist Attractions in Miami, USA

Miami is HOT in all the right ways! Here’s a look at the most popular attractions in this jewel city of South Florida.

1. Relax in the Sun and Surf:

Relax in the Sun and Surf Miami (Florida), USA

The beautiful, sun-soaked beaches offer year-round warmth that never gets uncomfortable with a cool breeze blowing in off the brilliant blue of the Pacific. It’s a perfect way to spend a day with friends or the family. Sport fishing is also big in the waters offshore where marlin and other thrilling game fish swim in the deeps.

2. Make the Most of Nights on the Town:

dance clubs Miami (Florida), USA

This city is known for its sizzling nightlife that features an eclectic blend of dance clubs and bars, venues to enjoy many live music genres and late-night eateries where your favorite styles of food from around the world are available in delicious abundance.

3. Boost your Adrenaline with Safe Fun with Guns:

Lock & Load Miami (Florida), USA

Lock & Load Miami is one of the most popular attractions in South Florida. It features more than two dozen fully automatic machine guns, many of them quite rare, for you to try in themed packages. Highly trained supervisors keep everyone safe during drop-in visits, birthday bashes, group events or bachelor parties.  Another highly respected venue for firing away is Stone Hart’s Gun Club & Indoor Range that also accommodates visitors and includes a center for firearm education.

4. Enjoy Natural and Manmade Beauty:

Vizcaya Museums Miami (Florida), USA

Everyone will have a blast visiting Vizcaya Museums and Gardens with its artistically sculpted landscape featuring the most exotic and beautiful plants the climate can accommodate. It’s more than greenery…the museums includes art and historical artifacts from places like Rome and Florence and the Rococo artistic school of the 18th century.

When visiting Miami artistic types will want to cruise the Perez Art Museum that boasts a gorgeous building loaded with a wealth of rotating and permanent exhibits or take in a show at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts where symphony, theater and opera are all put on with impressive skill. Wynwood, its famous Walls and Art Walk are all worth a look. They are the anchors of an impressive art gallery district in Miami.

5. Get Zoological:

Komodo Dragons Miami (Florida), USA

From plants to animals, the Zoo Miami is a top-ten attraction. Of special interest are the
Komodo Dragons and the sanctuary for rare and endangered animals including tigers and crocodiles. For five acres of exotic animals including Gibbon apes, sloths, snow leopards and lemurs, the Zoological Wildlife Foundation is a great place to spend a day.

6. It’s a Long List of Things to See and Do:

6. it’s a long list of things to see and do miami

We’ve just scratched the surface of Miami attractions. The city is home to the NFL’s Dolphins, the NBA’s Heat, the NHL’s Panthers and MLB’s Marlins. Golf courses for rank amateurs to scratch handicaps are beautifully manicured. Miami has many pristine parks with paths for walking or biking. Whether you’re here for the weekend or a month, you’ll have no trouble filling your schedule with wonderful moments in and around Miami.