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Discover The Best Los Angeles Architectural Buildings

Is LA good for architecture? Los Angeles the most interesting place in the USA for new architecture. Best Los Angeles Architectural Buildings.
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Discover The Best Los Angeles Architectural Buildings

Los Angeles is turning into a "properly marched dystopia" and is now the most interesting place in the United States for new architecture, according to international and local studios that thrive from the city's mix of low rents and large projects. Here are the best 4 architectural buildings in L.A.

1. Bradbury Building

1. Bradbury Building

This architectural landmark remains a popular tourist attraction. Built in 1893, it is located in the city centre and features an Italian Renaissance-style exterior of brown brick and sandstone and panels of terra cotta details in the famous theme of the "Revival of romanticism" of the time. The magnificence is carried on to the interiors, accessed through the low ceiling, dim entrance opening into the bright naturally-lit great center court.

The five-story central court features glazed brick, ornamental cast iron, tiling, marble and polished wood, capped by a skylight flooding the area with natural light. The entire main building features geometric ornate baskets at all ends. Decoratively designed wrought iron handrails, which are frequently used throughout the building, create hanging plants. Today it serves as headquarters for the Los Angeles Police Department`s Internal Affairs division and other government agencies.

2. LAX Theme Building

2. LAX Theme Building

This landmark structure at Los Angeles International Airport is an Observation Tower in the Westchester neighborhood of the city. Opening in 1961, it is an example of the Mid-Century modern "Populuxe" design school. The distinctive white building resembles a flying saucer that landed on its four legs and was designed by a team of experts headed by William Pereira and Charles Lickman.

While earlier tourists could take the elevator up to the Observation Level of the "Theme Building", after the September 11 attacks this has remained closed. The building`s two crossed arches actually consist of four steel-reinforced concrete legs extending about 15 feet above the ground. This singular building has been designated as a cultural and historic monument.

3. Walt Disney Concert Hall

3. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Located in Downtown Los Angeles this dramatic structure is the fourth hall of the Los Angeles Music Center. It accommodates up to 2,265 people and serves as a home for the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Los Angeles Master Chorale. Built with an initial gift by Lillian Disney, to build a performance venue as a gift to the people of Los Angeles and a tribute to Walt Disney`s devotion to the arts, it had Frank Gehry, the acclaimed iconic architect designing the building.

The acoustics were designed by Yasuhisa Toyota. The room bounce time is approximately 2.0 seconds busy and 2.2 seconds vacant. Subsequent modifications were made to the Founders Room exterior. While most of the building`s exterior was designed with matte stainless steel finish, Founders Room and Children`s Amphitheater were designed with highly polished mirror-like panels.

4. Capitol Records Building

3. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Also known as Capitol Records Tower located in the Hollywood Boulevard Commercial and Entertainment District in Los Angeles, this is a thirteen storey tower designed by Welton Becket that remains a distinctive landmark for the city. Constructed by British company EMI after acquisition of Capitol Records, the building was erected in 1956 and holds the West Coast operations of Capitol Records.

The structure is home to capitol studios and echo rooms and is listed as a los Angeles-registered historic venue. The wide curved awnings over windows on each storey and the tall spike emerging from the top of the building resemble a stack of records on a turntable. The flashing light above the tower illustrates the word "Hollywood" in Morse's code.

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