Discover The Best Budget Airlines in the US

Discover The Best Budget Airlines in the US

Discover The Best Budget Airlines in the US

The United States is fortunate in the variety of discount airlines that fly travelers around the country at terrific prices. Below are a few of these airlines, all of which have a proven track record of safety and reliability, and a good reputation for customer service.

1. AirTran Airlines

1. AirTran Airlines in the US

This discount airline has a wide range of destinations to choose from including many major cities on the East Coast, the Midwest, the West Coast, and to Florida. Known for some of the best prices in the industry, Airtran delivers on both range of destinations and customer satisfaction. See their route information at www.airtranairlines.com

2. JetBlue Airlines

2. JetBlue Airlines in the US

JetBlue is a discount airline that serves New York City, Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Seattle, Long Beach, and Oakland. Like many discount airlines, Jetblue flies to smaller airports near the large city destinations. Though this may require a longer drive to the cities, it pays off in less congestion and confusion around the airports, and ultimately a more pleasurable trip. Jetblue flights feature individual television screens on each of their seats. See their routes at www.jetblue.com.

3. Spirit Airlines

3. Spirit Airlines in the US

Yet another great discount airline is Spirit Airlines. Their routes include New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, San Antonio, and Los Angeles. Their flight to Miami lands at the Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale airpost instead of Miami International, and again, travelers may find that landing at this smaller airport may make their trip less hectic and more enjoyable. See Spirit Airlines at www.spiritair.com.

4. Southwest Airlines

4. Southwest Airlines in the US

Southwest has been one of the most successful discount airlines in the country, often used by businesses for convenient, low-cost travel. With routes that cover many cities on the East Coast, West Coast, Southwest, Florida, and the nation’s midsection, it is easily has the most comprehensible flight coverage of the country of any discounter in the airline industry. As with other discount airlines, you will fly into Baltimore/Washington airport instead of Reagan International, and West Palm Beach Airport instead of Miami, but this can be more of a convenience than a problem. See their routes and special deals at www.southwest.com.

5. U.S. Airways

5. U.S. Airways in the US

U.S. Airways is another discount airline that covers a wide range of destinations throughout the United States. With many flights to the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, Las Vegas, Texas, and Florida, U.S. Airways offers convenient travel at great prices. See their route map at www.usairways.com.

6. Sun Country Airlines

6. Sun Country Airlines in the US

With flights to the East Coast, West Coast, Texas, Florida, the Southwest, and Minneapolis, Sun Country Airlines offers travelers some of the best prices in the industry. Some flights are seasonal, however, so check availability at www.suncountry.com.

Checking flights and prices on all of the discount airlines available in the United States can be time-consuming, but it pays off in convenience and great pricing for those who wish to stretch their vacation dollar.