Activities for adrenaline seekers in Cape Verde

Activities for adrenaline seekers in Cape Verde

Activities for adrenaline seekers in Cape Verde

An archipelago that’s warm all year round, Cape Verde is becoming ever popular. It’s a place to get the climate you’d expect from nearby West Africa, with a variety of islands and beaches to explore.

But why spend your days sitting on sand when you can head out there and do something more interesting — and more memorable — than you ever have before?

Cape Verde holidays are the perfect way to explore paradise and live on the edge while you’re doing it. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Walking with an edge

Walking with an edge in Cape Verde

Hiking up a mountain might not seem like the most adventurous trip, but don’t let the planning fool you. When you’re heading up an active volcano or one of the surrounding peaks, you’re in for an adrenalin-fuelled ascent.

Mount Fogo is the second highest mountain in the Atlantic and an active volcano, 2829 meters above sea level. It’s a long, grueling trek, but the view from the top is extremely rewarding. Don’t give up.

Even if hiking wouldn’t usually be your thing, Mount Fogo shouldn’t be missed. Meanwhile, if an active volcano is a little too much you’ll find dozens of mountain villages that will delight you. Why not book some Cape Verde holidays with a company like First Choice and explore all these possibilities?

2. Scuba diving on the coast of Sal

2. Scuba diving on the coast of Sal  in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is perhaps most renowned for its waters and aquatic life. With strong currents and a fractured underwater landscape formed of rocks and caves, it’s a dynamic place to scuba dive.

While coastlines across many of the islands offer scuba diving, some of the best trips are a few minutes boat ride off the coast of Sal. It’s surprising how fast you can get away from the beach and down into the deep blue water.

When you do, you’ll explore volcanic lava shoals, leading you to dark caves that are home to thousands of tropical fish. It’s an unforgettable experience — just you and this hidden world that rests under the sea.

3. A thrill on top of the water

3. A thrill on top of the water  in Cape Verde

A Cape Verde holiday doesn’t just give you an exhilarating underwater experience. It’s also ideal for fast-paced, action-packed watersports.

Since the various islands and outcroppings in the horse-shoe shaped archipelago are particularly close together, the wind sweeps through for most of the year. That makes Cape Verde an unrivalled choice for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Sal Rei beach  in Cape Verde

Sal Rei beach offers a vast range of rental options, giving you the equipment you need to head out onto the water and find your own fun. Meanwhile, Tortuga Beach is home to the Boa Vista Wind Club, owned by a former professional windsurfer.

So whether you’re a seasoned adventure or an aspiring adrenalin junkie, you can’t go wrong with Cape Verde. The only question: just how much fun can you handle?