10 Best Things to Do This Week in Los Angeles, USA

10 Best Things to Do This Week in Los Angeles, USA

10 Best Things to Do This Week in Los Angeles, USA

Once you tour Studio City and spend a day at Disneyland, what will you do in Los Angeles?  Here are the top ten things residents of the City of Angels Do This Week in Los Angeles.

1. Bask on the beach:

Bask on the beach Los Angeles, USA

 Just because most of the tans in Los Angeles are fake doesn’t mean you have to pay for yours. A beautiful bunch of beaches run the gamut from romantic and out of the way to the place to see and be seen.

2. Go out for drinks: 

Go for a scenic drive Los Angeles, USA

Nightlife is huge in Los Angeles. Hotspots come and go, so check with the locals for current favorites. A few hangouts with good longevity include Playhouse Hollywood, Avalon, Boulevard3, La Cita Bar and Elevate Lounge.

3. Catch a local team in action: 

Catch a local team in action Los Angeles, USA

Dodger Stadium in Chavez Ravine is a superb baseball venue. The Lakers and Clippers play hoops and the Kings play Hockey at the Staples Center downtown. Those are all tough tickets, but they can be had for a price. Soccer fans should be able to score ducats to watch the Galaxy at the Home Depot Center now known as the Stub Hub Center.

4. Procure local produce and more: 

Procure local produce and more Los Angeles, USA

The Los Angeles area is home to many outstanding farmers markets, none better than the Santa Monica Certified Farmers market. Fresh produce in most months of the year and extras like coffee and pastry shops make for a pleasurable morning. Whichever part of town you’re in, you won’t be far from a great farmers market. Just ask around.

5. Get in a workout with a view: 

Get in a workout with a view Los Angeles, USA

The mountains and ocean combine to produce many climbs worth taking to enjoy the splendiferous vistas. Some of the most popular hikes include the Texas Canyon, Escondido Falls and the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook.

6. Enjoy a hearty dinner: 

Enjoy a hearty dinner Los Angeles, USA

While some in Los Angeles eat like birds to stay slim for that next casting call, most residents of the area are quick to indulge in a great meal. Local restaurant favorites include Jar steakhouse, Providence seafood, the Four Sea, Guisados, Sea Harbour Seafood in Rosemead, Kang Ho dong Baekjeong, R & R Soul Food, Dominick’s and the Bay Cities Italian Deli.

7. Ruin a good walk: 

Ruin a good walk Los Angeles, USA

Mark Twain called golf, “a good walk ruined.” Presumably his handicap was fairly high. If you enjoy smacking the little white ball, the Los Angeles area has quite a few nice courses open to the public at reasonable rates.

8. Go for a scenic drive:

Go for a scenic drive Los Angeles, USA

 This means staying off the crowded  Ventura Freeway or the I-405 and sticking to the PCH (no one in Los Angeles calls it the Pacific Coast Highway), Palos Verde Drive or North Sepulveda Boulevard.

9. Have coffee and breakfast at a sidewalk café:

Have coffee and breakfast at a sidewalk café

This one is more about the experience than the specific place. Outdoor cafés dot the city. There’s no better way to greet the day than enjoying great coffee, a tasty breakfast and sunshine while doing a little people watching.

10. Frolic at a Festival: 

Frolic at a Festival Los Angeles, USA

The locals are always ready to celebrate. Popular music festivals include the Ragga Muffin Reggae Festival, the Dog Star Orchestra Festival of Experimental Music, the Cuban Music Festival and the Long Beach Bayou and Mardi Gras Festival. Favorite food and wine festivals are the Laguna Beach A La Carte and Uncorked Festival, Belmont Shore Chocolate Festival and the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival. Top film festivals include the Los Angeles Children’s Film Festival, the Italia Film Festival and the FirstGlance Hollywood Film Fest.